Fall Out Boy’s new venture into comic books

PinkSage | August 28 2009

Regardless of how you feel about emo rocker Peter Wentz, you have to admit the clash of robots and music is a pretty nifty concept. Fall Out Toy Works, is a five-issue series published by Image and created by Peter Wentz with designer Darren Romanelli (the man behind the reinterpretations of Nike, Looney Tunes and Black Sabbath), and writer Brett Lewis (the acclaimed creator of BULLETPROOF MONK and The Wintermen).

The series depicts the story of a brilliant young robot maker who risks his entire company for his factory's newly produced android named Tiffany as she becomes his greatest passion and potentially his own destruction. Fall Out Toy Works is a story based around Fall Out Boy's song "Tiffany Blews", from last year's Folie à Deux album. Peter Wentz expects to get more of of this series, "It's more than a comic too. In the end, it will be a graphic novel, clothing, web site and possible toys themselves."

For the launch of the series, Fall Out Boy band members Joe Trohman and Andy Hurley will rock Midtown Comics in Times Square on Thursday, Sept. 3rd, signing Fall Out Toy Works #1



Deadsy Doll
Deadsy Doll Fri 04 Sep
I like Fall Out Boy but...not sure if I'd read this, lol. I'll be by the comic book store today. Maybe I'll take a look. smile
Psionic Jinx
Psionic Jinx Mon 07 Sep
Eh, I'm all for Fall Out Boy, but I think I'm going to end up aiming my comic fascination with the new Stephen King/Peter Straub comic remake of The Talisman.
The spacesuit reminds me of Mass Effect. It has a similar design to the Scorpion armor.

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Fall Out Toy Works #1
Author: Brett Lewis
Publisher: Image
Artist: Sam Basri
Publish Date: Wednesday, September 02, 2009
Website: http://fallouttoyworks.com

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