Little Brother

TriXie360 | August 26 2009

"I'd recommend Little Brother over pretty much any book I've read this year." Neil Gaiman

That endorsement was enough for me to pick this up in hardcover, despite the fact it's not available for Kindle and it thinks it's a Young Adult book.

The title is a nod to "1984," meaning it's a slippery slope to Big Brother and we may be closer than we think. The action takes place in the San Francisco of the near future; it's just a little more technologically advanced than we are.

The premise goes like this: In the wake of a terrorist attack the Department of Homeland Security goes completely poop with power. Censorship, surveillance, imprisonment...maybe even torture. With his civil liberties curtailed high school student Marcus -an accomplished hacker and a natural leader in a world where tech skillz trump athletic prowess-- begins to fight the system with an underground network that runs on the "Xbox Universal".

It's well-written, it's l337, it's got moments of humor, and it is scary. If you're a gamer or technophile you will enjoy "Little Brother".




Selkhet Thu 17 Sep
I picked this book up recently and followed up by buying a copy for a friend. I give props to Cory for putting his stuff out under public domain and depending on the readers to support him in viral fashion.

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Little Brother
Author: Cory Doctorow
Publisher: Tor Teen (Available in Hardcover)
Type: Fiction
Publish Date: 2008

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