The Walking Dead #119: A Review

Eagle Warhawk | January 21 2014

(Warning: Spoilers Ahead)

When we last left our favorite group of survivors in issue #118, Rick and his group had just taken out one of Negan’s outposts with great success. While Ezekiel’s group failed to eliminate the other. His failure resulted in a loss of his men and the loss of Shiva, his pet tiger. He returned to Alexandria broken and a failure.

            Issue #119 starts off with Rick and his group at the outpost burning the bodies of ‘The Saviors’, Negan’s men. But the fire fight that resulted before as Jesus puts it attracted “the attention of the locals” or walkers so the groups decides to head back to the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Jesus asks the question before they head out if the walkers are laughing at them stating “if they could… I know they would be. They’re always out there… lurking around every corner, just waiting to kill us and eat us. So what do we do? We kill each other. We’re making it easier for them”. Jesus once again points out that not only are the walkers the danger but other survivors are also a danger. Back at Alexandria, Ezekiel breaks down to Michonne stating that he never really had a family and that the people he lost including Shiva were as close to a family he ever had. And that he wasn’t worthy of leading anymore, at which point Michonne punched him in the face. She proceeds to tell him that there are people in his community that need him and to stop acting like a poop. Once Rick and his group arrives back at Alexandria, they have a meeting to discuss how Negan will come and attack. But the meeting is interrupted by an explosion. Negan has his group at the front gate and he brought grenades. He tells Rick that he brought him a gift in the form of Holly, who was previously captured by ‘The Saviors’ in Issue #116. Rick convinces Negan to let Holly go and Holly walks through the gate her head bound by a bag. But something is wrong as Holly doesn’t say one word during the transfer. The doctor, Denise takes Holly aside and takes the hood off, only to discover Holly is zombified. Holly bites Denise as Negan orders his men to attack. End of the issue.

            The issue was very entertaining. It wraps up the conclusion of what happens after the fight at the outposts. Ezekiel’s breakdown is brilliantly written. It would seem logical for any leader who has never gone into battle before to break down over the loss of his men and a pet. The ending with Negan showing up at Alexandria was a bit of a surprise as he was previously trapped by a hoard of zombies. Holly actually being a zombie was a good twist. And like good Walking Dead tradition, the cliffhanger of Negan launching an assault on Alexandria gets the reader excited for Issue #120 which is due out January 22.



Littles813 Sat 01 Feb
Walking Dead is awesome.. great review
RiotGrrl77 Tue 04 Feb
Love The Walking Dead, awesome review smile
Makes me miss reading the comic. I've had to miss a few issues but I think it's time to pick up some back issues n catch up smile

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The Walking Dead #119
Author: Robert Kirkman
Publisher: Image Comics
Artist: Charles Adlard, Stefano Gaudiano, Cliff Rathburn
Type: Fiction
Publish Date: January 8, 2013
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