AlienVortex13 | September 15 2014

I grew up reading your typical everyday comics. You know, the ones where the men had muscles as big as a car and paraded happily around in their tights. Yup...those.

As I got older my interest in comics waned. They just didn't appeal to me as much anymore. I yearned for something different. Something that didn't involve men with huge muscles and speedos. I yearned for a different kind of story.  Something that would capture my attention and leave me begging for more.

One day I was casually browsing around my Pinterest board (if you're not on Pinterest yet DO NOT DO IT. I repeat...do not do it. If you do you WILL become an addict and we WILL have to do an intervention on you). So anyways, I was casually browsing around my Pinterest board when I saw a pin with what I erroneously assumed was an elf with silver hair. Now I don't know about you but I have a thing for silver haired elves so I immediately pinned it to one of my boards.

And that's when I made a HUGE mistake. This was the mistake that started it all. The mistake that made me spiral out of control. The mistake that made me an addict. I stupidly went ahead and clicked a link on that pin that says “Visit Site.” I clicked on it cause I was curious to learn more about my silver haired elf. Like I said...HUGE MISTAKE.

It took me to this site called Tapastic.com. I was like, “Alright...let's see what this is.” I saw it was a prologue of some sort of what appeared to be a webcomic. I never read a webcomic before so this immediately intrigued me. The pictures I was seeing were absolutely mesmerizing and I felt being drawn into that world like a moth being drawn to a flame. I started to scroll down, reading the words, taking in the scenery, the pictures, all the while saying to myself, “Holy crap....what is this??? This stuff is good!” And I kept reading, and reading, and reading, and all the while saying to myself, “OMFG...I can't stop. I need to know what happens next! This story is too good!” And before you know it it was past midnight.

I resolved to continue it the next day. Let's just say I finished the whole damn thing in one weekend!!! The story, the characters...it was perfect. This was the story I was yearning for all along. And don't get me started on the villains! OMG are they awful! The stuff that they do will leave you with your mouth open. Don't believe me? Check it out for yourself here:

MOONLIGHT HAIR :: Prologue | Tapastic

I must warn you though. When you start to read this you will not want to stop. You won't be able to put it down. If you feel like you can't stop email me. I will try to do an intervention on your behalf that I wish I had when I read it. You are going to become an addict. And the worst part is when you're done reading Moonlight Hair you will have this flame inside you that wants to find and seek out other wonderful comics that don't involve men with speedos. And you'll end up doing something that you've probably never done before or haven't done in a long time: Visit your local comic book store.

But wait...the addiction does not end there! Once you're there you'll catch a glimpse of this huge catalog called “Previews.”

You'll innocently ask the comic book clerk, “What is that?” and he'll reply, “It's a monthly magalog on the latest and upcoming comics that will be hitting comic book stores soon. Take one. I insist. It's on us.” And then you see an awful evil grin plastered over his face like he knows some deep dark evil secret.

Do not do this! I repeat...do not take that magalog home! If you do there will be no hope for you after this. All hope of recovery, of getting over your addiction will be forever lost. Cause when you take this magalog home and you start looking through it you will see some amazing things that you've never seen before. You will come face to face with stories that you have always yearned to read. And that's when you do the unthinkable. You take out your yellow stickies and start sticking the stickies like a crazy woman on the pages of all the comics that you want to get and before you know it the magalog is filled with yellow stickies to order through your local comic book store. Not even the Gods can help you now.

That's when you know you're an addict. A comic book junkie. And it all started because of that damn webcomic Moonlight Hair! So heed my warning. Read this comic at your utmost discretion and at your own risk. You have been warned. And when you meet Scathing Arrow just remember one thing...hands off. He's all mine! Muahahahahaha!



X1up Girl
X1up Girl Mon 15 Sep
Yeah, I selected that link to Moonlight Hair and I felt it drawing me in like a tractor beam LOL.
AlienVortex13 Mon 15 Sep
I'm telling you...once you start you will not be able to stop! LOL
jessageek Tue 16 Sep
I think I'm going to take the risk wink and try this comic. It sounds great!
MrsNinjaMaster Wed 17 Sep
akashaheart Fri 14 Nov
valtallica Sun 06 Mar

the other link didnt work!

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