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Can You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?

Cookie Kwan | February 22 2011 | Bookmark and Share
Author: Max Brallier
Published By: Gallery
Publish Date: February 8, 2011
ISBN: 145160775X
Our Score:

Well, according to this book I can indeed survive a zombie apocalypse but that's only one of the 50 endings to this "choose your own adventure" style book.

The story begins with an average guy stuck in a boring early Monday morning meeting. When all of a sudden all hell breaks loose and a zombie outbreak threatens to take over Manhattan. What will he do?

There's an ending for every type of person in this gory book. Are you the hero? Do you only look out for number one? Would you say: "screw it!" and give up? This book has it all. Even an ending for the hardcore gamer!

I've lived, died, even made choices that left me unsure of whether or not I made it. One thing is for sure, I will finish ALL 50 endings.




Oh wow - that sounds totally awesome! I have another friend who loves zombies - seems like the perfect gift! Unfortunately we're nowhere near his birthday, but who needs birthdays wink
By Lucienna on 2011 02 22
Haha this sounds like fun! I'm so getting this in a near future smile
By Fifiville on 2011 02 22
I just HAVE to point you zombie-loving ladies towards a book I recently discovered, bought and loved:
"How to speak Zombie" by Steve Mockus.

It contains an electronic sound chip with all the GRRARRGLS needed to speak fluently. I had so much fun with this book xD

By Lucienna on 2011 02 23
This looks like an awesome gift for a friend of mine! Thanks for writing!
By LadyPhoenix74 on 2011 05 13

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