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Gears of War: Jacinto’s Remnant

Lady Saga | September 22 2009 | Bookmark and Share
Author: Karen Traviss
Published By: Del Rey
Publish Date: 2009
Book Type: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
Our Score:

Gears of War: Jacinto's Remnant picks up exactly where the Gears of War 2 game ends; Jacinto's been sunk by the lightmass bomb- err... lambent brumak more accurately. Cole, Hoffman and Anya are on one King Raven, Baird, Dom and Marcus are on another. They, along with the residents of Jacinto are evac'ing to the snowy safety of Port Farrel. Unfortunately, it's void of any human comforts, barely able to meet the most basic human needs. Gears have to keep the peace among the refugees as humanity tries to rebuild itself. Adding to the current story, Traviss flashes back to the days before the Hammer of Dawn was deployed, giving us a bit of back story into how that event molded the Gears Universe.

It was a very good read, although it was a bit tough emotionally at times (I'm a sucker, I really immerse myself in books when I read them and this one really kicks you around if you like the characters).  Where the game only gives us a tiny glimpse into Dom's state of mind after he finds Maria in one of the slave cages, Traviss takes the agony he feels in his decision to put his wife out of her living hell and bubbles it right to the surface. She does this with all the characters; from Baird's obnoxiousness to mask his insecurity, Cole writing letters on scraps of paper to his dead mother to keep her spirit alive to Marcus' impenetrable veneer and what lies beneath. Traviss gives them dimension and roundness that the game can only hint at. She also gives us a bigger insight into Hoffman's personality (his personal life before, during and after the Hammer of Dawn deployment as well as during the current conflict) and Bernie Mataki, an Islander and female Gear. Mataki is introduced in Aspho Fields and is an integral part of Delta squad throughout the novels. She's a believable character, plus she's sturdy and tough--not a frou-frou wisp of a woman.Hopefully if there's an introduction of a female Gear into the game, they'll use Mataki.



Blue Rose PMS
I just finished the book! My only issue (well it's kinda big) but the whole premise of Gears has turned from Human/Alien to Apocalyptic, which has never been my thing. It sorta makes me wonder what path Gears 3 is going to take...
By Blue Rose PMS on 2009 09 28
So is this a Book, or Graphic Novel? either way I'm gonna buy it!
By XjimjamsX on 2009 10 05
Blue Rose PMS
It's a regular book. If I can make a suggestion - go pick up Aspho Fields first. It will help give a a background for some of the characters and will help in Jacinto's Remnant (ie Hoffman isn't the bastard everyone thinks he is).

I'm a complete Gears nerd...
By Blue Rose PMS on 2009 10 05
I didn't even know there was a book! I'm going to have to check this out. Thanks for the review smile
By HotelQueen on 2009 10 06
I just LOVE Gears too!! This is making my xmas list!
By XjimjamsX on 2009 10 09
I loved both of the Gears books. They were very well written and I didn't put either down until they were finished. I highly recommend them!
By Bae on 2009 10 22
The books r friggin awesome its a must read.. goes into detail about what happen to Fenix & Dom.. You wont regret getting these books,if you love playing the games then you love the books i know i did..
By DirtyGirl on 2009 11 13
mrs moose
you know i started to read the books because i wanted more depth and to know what "really" happened to marcus' mom and I still havwe no idea; but it does give me hope for a female gear. Even if she is old and crusty and maybe even some action for hoffman.And also that through out all the evil of war that good will always concur the bad smile (okay I used up all my good on that today now i can be evil ;P)
By mrs moose on 2010 01 14
I loved the first book, Aspho Fields and I am almost done with Jacinto's Remnant and I can not put it down. I was so excited that the third book, Anvil Gate, is slated to come out in August. I had just read the reference to in Jacinto, so this was a really exciting find. I am hoping that GoW3 will have Mataki in it, I love the relationship she has with Baird. Can't wait for the book and the game.
By Medg on 2010 04 21

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