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Luci Phurr’s Imps

TheDangerdoll | March 04 2010 | Bookmark and Share
Author: Words: Dale Mettam
Art: Art: Courtney Huddleston, Ink: Matt Keltner, Color: Tracy Bailey
Published By: Penny Farthing Press
Book Type: Web Comic
Official Website: Official Website
Our Score:

A friend tipped me off to a new webcomic called Luci Phurr's Imps ( www.luciphurrsimps.com ).

First off, lemme say, it's not one of those lame webcomics that you know is done by some lonely fan-boy living in his parents basement and is ONLY hilarious to him and his best friend (who lives in the basement next-door).

The setup is pretty simple:  a clerical error has resulted in an eight-year-old girl being sent three imps with which she is supposed to bring about the End of Days. Of course, because it's a mistake, she doesn't know the big picture and just sees three new friends who seem very capable of getting her anything she wants.  This isn't helped by the fact that the Imps MUST do her bidding, even if it doesn't seem that evil.

The jokes are funny for all kinds of people, and the art is just awesome.  This strip is OBVIOUSLY done by a team who knows what they're doing.  I'm amazed that this is not in a daily newspaper, or in some form of syndication but maybe us PopChix can help change that.

The strip is not the only thing that's funny.  While the first few don't have this, the more recent strips all come with some kinda extra commentary, it's like you're getting a DVD bonus feature with every strip.  Also, the writer seems very engaged with the readers and seems more than happy to reply to comments posted.  Linked to this is the option to ask the writer any question you want and he guarantees to answer as long as it's relates to the strip or the creators in some way.

My only complaint is that this strip isn't daily, three days a week is just not enough!

Check it out and become a fan on Facebook. I bet it will quickly become part of your morning routine the way it's become part of mine.




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