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The Nook

Cookie Kwan PMS | March 04 2010 | Bookmark and Share
Author: Barnes & Noble
Book Type: eBook Reader
Official Website: Official Website
Our Score:

Tired of reading a book the "old fashioned" way? Bored of having to turn page after page? Too lazy to go to the bookstore, look for a book and then wait in line to pay? Then you need a nook. That's right, and for a limited time of...forever, you too can be the proud owner of one of these 7.7 inches tall, 4.9 inches wide & .5 inch thick eReaders!

Seriously though, I've only had my nook for a few days and all I can say is, "Wow." It's easy on the eyes because of the eInk technology that was designed to mimic the appearance of ink on paper and I love that the color touchscreen on the bottom allows me to quickly browse through all my books by cover. The nook can hold about 1,500 books in its 2GB internal memory. If that's not enough room for you speed reading, shopaholics - the nook also has a microSD slot.

The nook supports EPUB, PDF and PDB books as well as MP3s and you can side load your own JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP graphics to use as screensavers and wallpapers (you can transfer them from your PC to your nook via the included USB cable). I can download books wirelessly to my nook in a matter of seconds thanks to AT&T's 3g network and Wi-Fi. You can also get free Wi-Fi in Barnes & Noble stores.

The average price of a bestseller is $9.99 but I've found many books for well under that price. You also have the ability to purchase ebooks from other websites such as, kobobooks.com or fictionwise.com (owned by B&N) by side loading them onto your device. The nook also allows you to lend certain books to friends and family for up to 14 days using the LendMe feature. However, once you lend a book, you can never lend it again.

I highly recommend this ereader to anyone who loves to read and is out of book space or anyone who just likes to spend money on electronics. I definitely fit both of these catergories.



Out of curiosity, what made you go with the nook instead of a kindle? I'm considering an ebook reader but am still very torn, especially now that the ipad has been thrown into the mix.
By SickNdehed on 2010 03 05
I have a Kindle. My sis-in-law has the Nook. I prefer my Kindle, but they're both nice. Better by far than any of the other options, imo. The Nook has some cool but pointless features that the Kindle doesn't. Loaning a book out once ever is pretty lackluster, and reading free while in the B&N store is also pointless since the store is full of books you can sit there and read. Kindle's books are pretty much always cheaper, sometimes by several dollars, and both can get books off of those other websites. It will be interesting though now that the Kindle has some pretty worthy competition to see how the 2 push each other. I still prefer my Kindle, though.
By Narcissia on 2010 03 05
@SickNdehed: I chose the nook for the following reasons.

1. 3x the ebook selection vs Kindle.
2. Expandable memory which is not available on the Kindle.
3. Felt better in my hands.
4. The touchscreen.
By Cookie on 2010 03 06
mrs tempa
are the nooks avaliable in the uk?
By mrs tempa on 2010 03 09
The Nook just got an upgrade to 1.3 software. You now get internet [wifi] and games [chess/sudoku].

Half the books I have were free from fictionwise.com and other sites. I even have some of my own documents [word/pdf/etc].

Very easy to use & lightweight.
By Vikki on 2010 04 27
Kiss Me Goodbye
I have a Nook, unfortunately after I bought it I was upset to find out that both the Harry Potter series and the Vampire Chronicles are not listed as ebooks yet :/
By Kiss Me Goodbye on 2010 08 25
I have the nook and love it. it goes everywhere with me and I'm never bored because if that. its user friendly and the amount if books that it holds is nice considering I'm an avid speed reader. the price of books isn't bad when i compare them to the cost of the paper version. I'm definitely happy with getting the nook.
By DivineAmbition on 2010 10 03
I love my Nook! I can't get it out of my hands. I've had it for about three/four months now. The battery life is amazing. I'm definitely happy with it.
By Vixxie on 2010 10 23

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