Who Doesn’t Want Free Books?
As a new Kindle owner one of the things that I have most enjoyed is the ability to get really great books that are sometimes beyond my budget for absolutely nothing .There are many ways of getting free books for your Kindle (freebies for Nook are har... read more ...
A Terrific New Fantasy Series
The Godling Chronicles is an amazing trilogy by up and coming fantasy author Brian D. Anderson on Smashwords, the popular e-publishing website. The story follows the life of Godling Gewey Stedding and his efforts to recover the legendary Sword of Tru... read more ...
Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel
Dead Ever After, the final Sookie Stackhouse book finished the series for me. What else is there to say? Well, I have to say more as that's not much of a review so here goes. I have to admit, I wasn't looking forward to this book when it fi... read more ...
Marvel Unlimited iOS app
Marvel have recently created an iOS app to contain their entire back catalogue of comics.  For around $60US per year, you can have unlimited access to the Marvel archives, going back around 70 years! I signed up for this when it first came out... read more ...
Tiny Tina - All Grown Up? What One Fan Sees in Her Future!
One of our own, xShadowx came across this amazing fan art in the Borderlands forums and, in my opinion, any fan of Tiny Tina will appreciate it. Adrien Debos is a character artist currently living in Toronto, Canada. He has created his version of T... read more ...
Stolen Girl
Before I start my review on this book I must warn you all that this book is not for the faint hearted, it contains content that’s very disturbing and of a adult nature, if you are easily offended then I suggest not reading this review. &ldquo... read more ...
Struck by Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal
From Hachette Book Group Website: Struck By Lightning: The Carson Phillips Journal follows the story of outcast high school senior Carson Phillips who blackmails the most popular students in his school into contributing to his literary journal to b... read more ...
Deadpool vs The Dead Presidents
The first 6 issues of comedian Brian Posehn's Deadpool centers around Deadpool taking out America's dead presidents. S.H.I.E.L.D. hires Deadpool to take them out, believing that if they have more popular American heroes doing the deed that it... read more ...
Hollow Earth
That's right - Captain Jack writes young adult fiction... SQUEE!!!! Synopsis from John Barrowman's Official Website: Lots of twins have a special connection - being able to finish each other's sentences; sensing what the other is thin... read more ...
Birds of Prey Volume 1
I have been getting back into comics again and have been swayed over to the DC a bit more. I picked up the Birds of Prey compilation at my local comic book store last week. The book contains the first seven issues of the series. I love that DC is doi... read more ...
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