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Want to Join The Chix? You Gots to Know How!!

The Chix! | February 01 2010 | Bookmark and Share

What does 'Join the Chix' even mean?

PopChix is not just a website where women who love pop culture can come together to share their opinions, there are also private forums, gaming events and other opportunities that Chix may be granted access to.

By joining the Chix you will:
 - Be granted access to the Private Chix Treehouse
- Receive a "PopChiX" user title on the PopChix.com forums
- Other goodies Coming Soon!

The Details, because that's what's really important, right?

To join the Chix, you must:
- Be registered on PopChiX.com (duh!) and PM PopChiX Admin a message indicating you are interested in joining the Chix!


- Have the recommendation of an existing Chix (also sent via PM to PopChiX Admin)*,

AND: (one of the following)

- Contribute an article
- Play in a Ladies' Night (easy way to meet a Chix to recommend you!)
- Leave us a voice message on our Xbox gamertag, "PopChix", or meet up with us in a PSN chatroom or a video chatroom on the PC (i.e. StickCam) of your choosing.


*Why are we asking for a recommendation?
A huge part of PopChiX is the friendships that develop between Chix, and our success is entirely due to word of mouth. Because of this, the PopChix Founders decided having current community members be a part of the process would encourage interaction, as well as giving Chix hopefuls someone to commiserate with as they wait to be approved!


What happens if the Chix I ask doesn't send in her recommendation?
First, give her a few days. We're all busy and while we know you are eager to join us, real life sometimes intrudes. If after several days, she still has not sent the recommendation, a gentle PM or message to remind her would not be remiss. If that still does not produce a result, we encourage you to appeal to another Chix.


How long will it take to add me to the Chix?
Approving you will depend on the speed with which we receive everything. We will do our best to be in contact with you as you go through the process, but please remember, we're only human!


Applying for the Chix on PopChix.Com will not grant you access to the Gamerchix Treehouse on Xbox.com.

Also, if you are an Existing Gamerchix Member and would like access to the PopChiX Treehouse, please refer to this forum thread. You do NOT have to reapply.


Have questions? Please PM them to PopChiX Admin!




I'm a little confused. Just to be clear, joining this site doesn't automatically make someone a Chix, right? There's more joining to do? I'm already registered, but I don't think I have Private Treehouse access.
By Marie2Dessy on 2010 02 16
Correct. If you are already a Gamerchix, we have a different process (now linked in this article) so that we can process everyone better!
By kitty on 2010 03 10

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