Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

X1up Girl | December 31 2014

Good bye, 2014!  It was a great year filled with amazing articles, play dates, and group shenanigans!  Here are a few highlights from 2014:


We started a new "Achievement Unlocked - PopChiX Superstar" series where we spotlight PopChiX members for their contributions to the community to include charity work, awards and acknowledgements:


We had our very first Summer PopChix Challenge scavenger hunt and it was a hit!  Thanks to jessageek for all the hardwork she put into this successful event!


Chix earned a WHOLE lot of article and play date badges! 

Big thanks to our illustirous founder, DirtyDiva, for drawing up all these bad boys!


The Destiny addicts over at PopChix Guardians put together a dancing montage:


We had a whole lot of Chix of the Month recipients:

Sparklefingers, theHeFiNaTor, Eagle Warhawk, MrsNinjaMaster, h3110xxxk1tty, Akashaheart, EnchantedDaisy, TootieTazzy

(Psst - don't forget to send in your nominations for 2015 to! And thanks to CalacaBellaTrix for doing all those amazing interviews!)


We did a heck of a lot of streaming over on Twitch, and started a PopChix Channel over at Youtube:


Pedro won some votes in our second annual PCX Video Game Awards:


AND we had an infamous planking incident over at the Facebook group:

As anyone can see, PopChiX is one of the BEST gamer groups around and it wouldn't be that way without YOU!  A big thanks for all of our chix and chaps for continuing to make this a fun and friendly community! 

Group hug!


Special thanks goes to...

All of our chix who submitted articles in 2014!  We got a TON of great reviews this past year, and the site wouldn 't have been the same without all of your efforts! 

  • akashaheart
  • AlienVortex13
  • AlletS
  • arkangel318
  • BluStorm3D
  • Captain Awwsum
  • Cookie
  • Deathrina
  • deestar123
  • Eagle Warhawk
  • Eith
  • EnchantedDaisy
  • frillysocks
  • Fifiville
  • Fraggle Goddess
  • jessageek
  • Jessibaby1986
  • Melanopterus
  • Mistress Sara
  • MrsNinjaMaster
  • ohmyfluffygoat
  • Purplepooki
  • sparklefingers
  • squazzy
  • theHeFiNaToR
  • xSHADOWx
  • Zaythar


Our editor, x1up Girl, for adding all those articles in...


Our beloved play date hosts who tirelessly sign on week after week to make sure we have a fun gaming environment (apologies if we missed anyone)!!:

  • Akashaheart
  • CalacaBellaTrix
  • Deestar123
  • iCeTKiTtY
  • Misschiefmaker
  • Purplepooki
  • Tinako
  • Tootie Tazzy

And to AlletS, our play date coordinator, and jessageek, our social media chix, for coordinating and promoting all of our events and streams!

Thanks again to everyone for continuing to make our community great, and we look forward to having even more fun times together in 2015!


ohmyfluffygoat Thu 01 Jan
You ladies are the best!!!
xSHADOWx Fri 02 Jan
woohoo, we rock!!!! PcX FTW!!!!!

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