Poke stuff to fight poverty at PAX!

TriXie360 | August 26 2009

GamerchiX have been rocking the Penny Arcade Expo since we were a fledgling group with a couple hundred members. We've seen PAX grow from a smallish, smelly convention in Bellevue to a massive rockin weekend in Seattle. This year as part of our new GivingchiX initiative we decided to channel our energy to fight poverty in King County.

Purchase "GamerchiX Approved" buttons at PAX. Every cent of the purchase price will be donated to Solid Ground, a charitable organization committed to ending poverty in King County. Then pin those buttons on awesome stuff. Be careful pinning people. If you draw blood you poked too hard! Trade GamerchiX Approved buttons with other PAX-goers, barter them for swag, or just pin them on stuff that rocks. Take pics and share with the community!

Info on how to share them:

Twitpic it and use the #gamerchixPAX09 hashtag

About Solid Ground

Solid Ground's 27 programs give 35,000 families a year in King County the services, resources and support they need to overcome homelessness, hunger, domestic violence and other traumas associated with poverty. http://www.solid-ground.org



Deadsy Doll
Deadsy Doll Fri 04 Sep
I won't be at PAX :( Are you selling pins online?

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