Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers: Driveclub Whoas and Extra-Life This Weekend

xSHADOWx | October 24 2014

17 October  2014

Happy Friday everyone, the weekend is finally here. Yay! I've managed to get quite a few hours of Minecraft today and still achieved nothing, I can't believe how many hours you can throw at this game and still not get anywhere, well except for getting lost in your game then getting killed again, and again, and again. 

Driveclub is not working properly still, single player is fine but pretty lame to be fair.  You get penalised for crashing into other cars when they are the ones who crash into you. They are ruthless with it too. Tthey knock you off the track, then you get penalised for leaving the track! What?!!


18 October  2014

We have a poorly child at the minute so we are both curled up on the sofa watching Disney Movies. I couldn't even even predict how much gaming will be done but I can tell you for certain it won't be a lot.

While I was out shopping on Friday, I saw that they had Minecraft plushies. These are now on my Christmas list. I've never really been into collecting gaming memorabilia, although I currently have a little sack boy from Little Big Planet ( a gift from a friend in Belgium) and a Marcus Fenix figure from Gears of War ( also a gift from a friend in America).  But these little plush toys are soo cute I just have to have them. 

In just over a months time I'll be heading to Birmingham for a MCM comic con. I'm going with a great friend of mine who's also a lover of all thing geek, for the weekend. I've never been to a comic con before so I'm super excited, not sure what to expect, but can't wait!


20 October  2014

 I'm really really trying to want to live Driveclub but the whole thing just feels "meh."  I'd almost say it feels like it was rushed. I dont know, I just can't seem to get on with it. The online play, when it works, is good. I played one race and came in second, I then left to join another race and couldn't connect to the server. The only downside is you only get experience points for your level if you've unlocked the car in single player, which basically forces you to play the single player. I hate those sorts of games. I want to race online and level up with it.


21 October  2014

Guess who's sick.... *raises hand* had to leave work early because I felt so weak. No gaming for me!

A few people on my friends list are taking part in Extra Life this weekend, a 24 hour gaming marathon for a children's charity. I wish them the best of luck and plenty of energy drinks.  If you're interested in donating or checking out who's participating, please go here:  http://www.extra-life.org/


Have you donated to Extra Life? Are you participating or watching your friends stream this weekend?  Let me know in the comments below!


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