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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
ChiX of the Month
This awesome gaming super hero idolizes Batman, loves R2-D2, and fights crime with laughter and Hipster Repellent Bat Spray!
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Community Spotlight - theHeFiNaTor

CalacaBellaTrix | December 19 2014 | Bookmark and Share
theHeFiNaTor's Gamercard

Bella:  Good morning! How are you?
theHeFiNaTor:  Good Morning! I'm doing well!
Bella:  Good I'm glad you're doing well! Especially since you're December's PopChiX of the Month! Woot woot!!
theHeFiNaTor:  no way!!  yyou're kidding, right?! 
Bella:  Nope!!!! You're the cat's meow! The peppermint bark, the bee's knees for December!!
theHeFiNaTor: Sweet nibblets this is exciting!
Bella:  As ChiX of the Month, any special shout outs to any elves, reindeers, gamers, etc?
theHeFiNaTor:  I'm still slightly in shock about my nomination - so let me first shout out to the Chix who nominated me! To all the Lego fans, Whovians, and down right awesome geek-tastic people in the world - this is for you!!
Bella:  Geek-tastic vibes & candy are being spread throughout the Pop Culture universe! All the elves want to know, how did you create your gamertag? 
theHeFiNaTor:  Many moons ago I had a co-worker friend obsessed with the cartoon 'Rocko's Modern Life' - we affectionately nicknamed her Rocko. Since I was her right hand gal at work, and a bit on the chubby side, I somehow got nicknamed Hef (Rocko's best bud who happens to be a cow). I never complained, because I loved the character, but one day I started getting bullied by people using it as a means to make fun of me and my weight struggles. I got really upset about it, but soon after while watching a Terminator movie, I decided to reclassify the nickname as Hefinator - and its stuck ever since. Its my blog name, my twitter name, Gamertag, my friends use it as my contact name in their phones. Its my alter ego, the powerful (super cool) person inside of me who comes out when needed!
Bella:  I love that story of turning a negative into a positive!!

theHeFiNaTor:  BAHAH!! Love the star wars pic! <3
Bella:  Where in the universe is theHeFiNaToR?
theHeFiNaTor:  I hail from the great rainy state of Washington - in the Seattle area.
 Bella:  What's a favorite activity you like to do in Seattle?
theHeFiNaTor:  I love going to Pike Place Market with my hubby, Caveman. They have an awesome comic book shop there that we HAVE to visit every time we go! In the summer time, I love wandering around the Seattle Center with the Space Needle and the giant Fountain. There are so many people from different countries that visit, its fun to just listen to accents and walk around.
Bella:  The space needle would be such a great place to visit. When you go into the Comic Book store what section/aisle do you HAVE to check out? 
theHeFiNaTor:  EVERY AISLE! raspberry Nah, I tend to head straight for the display case of Star Wars figurines. They get new ones in sometimes, and buy really old collectibles from people. Its great to see them all. I also wander down the board game aisle, and then there is a section for geek-culture crafts, like build your own tiny metal R2-D2! Its called Golden Age Collectables - and its amazing! 
Bella:  Wow!!!! That's so neat! I like the Captain America picture. What super powers do you already have or would you like to have? 
theHeFiNaTor:  Shhhhh, dont tell anyone but I AM a super hero. My super hero name is Captain Awesome! I'm a super genius with superb multitasking skills who uses my knowledge for good, to help those around me reach their ultumate potential, while bringing joy and laughter to many! If only i could fly!! I also wish i was super rich like my Super Hero idol Batman, then i could have nifty gadgets to help me save the world. I would also use my riches to help those less fortunate to have comfortable homes, clean clothes, and plenty of food!! Sadly I'm not rich... and haven't figured out how to fly yet. But I still use my powers for good! One day I want to design my own Captain Awesome costume and wear it to Comic con.

Freak awesome - Captain Awesome!! What would be the first Batman gadget you would create & its name?
Oh man, that's tough! Batman already has so many awesome gadgets. It would be awesome to have his Rebreather so that I could breathe underwater! If anything, I would go with my husband’s hilarious idea: Hipster Repellent Bat Spray! Seattle was named Most Hipster city of 2013 - oh boy - tons of coffee drinking, skinny jean wearing Tech kids who like to complain how mainstream is so 'not cool'. It brings down the REALLY cool vibe that is Seattle!
Genius strikes while cooking dinner. I want a wristband gadget that turns into a hand mixer and a spatula in an instant, to make cooking, and most of all baking, so much easier!! Still working on a name, but boy would that be awesome!! I know some die-hard bakers who would love it! Imagine visiting a friend who does have the right tools for a meal, just pull out your Baking bracelet and make up a delicious snack!
Definitely more Inspector Gadget style than Batman gadget style, but still super hero worthy!
Bella:  Lol that is awesome!!! Sorry I tend to use the word awesome a lot and it's fitting since you are awesome.
theHeFiNaTor:  Awesome is the best word!!! I use it frequently too!
Bella:  Yikes! Hipsters beware! What's your favorite rainy day activity? Aside from gaming. wink
theHeFiNaTor:  I'm not a big fan of BEING out in the rain, but I love watching the rain. So if I'm not gaming, I'm usually cuddled under lots of blankets with my dogs and Caveman, watching tons of Netflix and taking naps! We have a large couch that fits all of us and we have a HUGE window in our living room that you can watch the rain and it just lulls you to sleep! It’s the best!
Bella:  Sounds so cozy... I can just imagine it & we could share a cuppa while Netflixing.... Uhhhh but just the ChiX wink.  It's amazing how easy we get wrapped into a show on Netflix. Do you remember what your first "Netflixing/Netflix binge" tv show was?
theHeFiNaTor:  Oh yeah! Law and Order SVU! It's my favorite show! When I first got Netflix, I has just moved into a tiny apartment on my own for the first time (i'd always lived with people prior to then) and had no cable, and only a tiny futon for a couch. I wasn't used to having so much freedom and quiet around. So, I got my Netflix streaming setup and it was one of the first shows listed when I opened it up. That weekend I watched over 20 hours of Law and Order! I had a lot of pizza and soda and felt like a blob on my futon - but it was amazing!!

How funny! SVU was also my first "Netflixing" experience. SVU is such a great show.  Describe yourself in 5 of the items from your queue.
theHeFiNaTor:  well - the top 5 things on my Netflix right now are Criminal Minds, Silver Linings Playbook, Fern Gully, Star Trek: Voyager, and Doctor Who. I would say from that I am a romantic sci-fi geek who loves crime dramas and cartoons!
 Bella: Another WHOVIAN!  Did I ever tell you about the story about the last month's ChiX of the Month, Eagle Warhawk?? She was working on her super secret powers, and her WHOVIAN-Ness was so mighty, she was able to time travel. She's out somewhere in time and space, fighting the good fight with The Doctor. But before she left on her mission, she left the e-controller with our special COMMANDER BADONKADONK. Before the e-controller is handed off to you, and before you can activate the mighty ChiX powers from it, x1upgirl has some questions for you.
x1upgirl: I've been friends with you for a while now and I rarely see someone who is CONSTANTLY motivated, motivating, and upbeat! For example, a while ago you posted a "Do the D.E.W." article for a simple guide to getting healthier (through watching what you eat aka your Diet, Exercise and drinking Water) and it's something I've been doing (at least trying to do daily) for a while now. I wanted to know: what are your favorite healty snacks and fitness games/apps?
theHeFiNaTor:  awww - such sweet words! I do try and stay constantly motivated and upbeat. I've experienced a lot in my short years and use every experience to keep me moving forward!  I love snacks and I love baking, and more often then not they are of the NON-healthy variety - but over the years I've found some healthy and delicious alternatives for snacks. Two of my fave snacks are a homemade Chex Mix with a spicy kick to help boost the metabolism and Black Bean brownies (All the delicious, half the calories!) Perhaps one day I'll get a breather long enough to get some recipe articles submitted! wink

As for Games and Apps, I love the Your Shape Fitness game on my Xbox 360. Sadly, the place we are living right now does not leave room to use my kinect for the game, but in my old dwelling, I LOVED getting in some Wall Breaker time. The boot Camp was probably the hardest, but it sure was a blast. I also use a few Phone apps (I have an Android) that are super helpful: MyFitnessPal one I used to use because it is great for tracking food and Exercise. I have a FitBit now, so I use the FitBit app to track those items, because it also tracks my steps and my sleep! and I have an app called '7 Minute'. Its a 7 Minute workout app that you just hit start and it shows you which exercise to do and has a timer to tell you when to start and stop. I used it a lot when I was travelling late 2013/Early 2014. Its intense and can be done in a hotel room!
Bella: I'll have to check out the 7 minute app, and I can't wait to read & eat the black bean brownies. OMNOMNOM!
x1upgirl: I know you're a big Star Wars fan! What is the one thing you REALLY hope to see in the upcoming Star Wars movie?
theHeFiNaTor:  MOAR R2-D2!!! I love that lil droid! I'm determined to one day build my own life-sized R2. a couple years ago I learned of a community of R2 Builders and have all the plans and details needed to build one! Besides R2 - since this story is supposed to take place 30 years AFTER Darth Vader, and we already know that Luke, Leia and Han are in it, I'm really hoping that they have the children of Han and Leia in it. I read some of the Star Wars books when I was a kid and I LOVED Jaina Solo - the oldest daughter of Leia and Han.
Bella: She needs MOAR!!! Give her MOAR!!
x1upgirl: Who would win in a fight:  R2-D2 or Russell Crowe? Jack Skellington or C3P0? Oogie Boogie or Jabba the Hutt? Batman or Han Solo?
theHeFiNaTor:  R2-D2 or Russell Crowe? As much as I love R2 - I give this one to Russell Crowe - but only 'Gladiator' Russell Crowe - otherwise R2 uses awesome tech to kick his butt.

Jack Skellington or C3P0? Totally the Pumpkin King!! No offense to C3P0, but the Pumpkin King would sure put the smack down!

Oogie Boogie or Jabba the Hutt? Oh man - this is tough. Equally scary, equally large, equally evil. I'll give this one to Oogie Boogie though. I imagine he has some super villian power with all those bugs of his that would just devour Jabba! HAHA! 

Batman or Han Solo? Sorry Han, but in this round - Batman shoots first! The Caped Crusader wins!
Bella:  Awwww yeah! What would the name of the movie be for winning team (Gladiator, Jack Skellington, Oogie Boogie, & Batman)?
theHeFiNaTor:   "Who's afraid of the Dark?" with a tagline: "Taking Terror to a Whole New Level."
Bella:  Luvvvv it!

x1upgirl: Oh noes, your Lego game collection is on fire! You only have time to save one. Which one do you save?
theHeFiNaTor:  http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/
Lego Star Wars: the Complete Saga - its the most complete Lego game and includes all 6 Star Wars movies within it!
BellaBella: Lego Star Wars for the win!! Let's give a huge round of applause & a shimmy (or two) for x1upgirl!  Thank you x1upgirl... You can let go of the controller now. ... .... Give it here missy...Awwww look at that face. I can't take it away.

Well on 2nd thought...

*thuds in the background* OUCH!!!
Ok here it is... You're well deserved e-controller for ChiX of the Month!
theHeFiNaTor:  WOOT!!!!  *does the Truffle Shuffle* (the best Dance Ever, after the Wedge dance of course!)

theHeFiNaTor:  *DROOL*
Bella:  I'm dancing, I'm dancing!  As ChiX of the Month, please tell us which flavor of jelly or jam best describes you?
theHeFiNaTor:  Strawberry Preserves - sweet on contact, but prickly on the inside!

Bella:  Do you play games for the achievements/trophies or just to have fun? Also, tell us about your most awesome gaming moment.

theHeFiNaTor:  Primarily for fun. Some games I get really into though, like my Lego games, and then its for both! I'm having a blast and get all excited when I reach 100% completion and 100% acheevos unlocked!

My most awesome gaming moment came from playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 a few years back. I will be the first to admit that I am NOT good in multiplayer matchups. I always seem to die a lot and almost never get a kill. If I do get any points in a round, its probably a fluke or because I did some support activity. One weekend, Caveman was away for work and I was playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 on my own. I had just finished story mode and was going to give multiplayer a try again. I played a couple rounds and quickly lost - was always in last place. Then, I entered a round where the people I was playing must have been just as bad at multiplayer as me because before I knew it I had 4 kills and no deaths! When the round ended I was 4th of 9 people - I WASNT LAST PLACE!! I seriously took a photo and sent it to Caveman with a hundred smiley faces! I've never had a better multiplayer round since!

Lol! I think at that movement you felt like ^that picture.  What advice would you give to the youngster child gamer version of you?
theHeFiNaTor:  "If you think Mario is difficult now, just wait til Mario Galaxy!!" I would also tell her to ignore everyone who tried to convince her that girls shouldn't play games, because she grows up to be a tech genius bad@$$ gamer!
Bella:  Awwww yeah!

What geekery item do you own or have created that you are most proud of?
theHeFiNaTor:  Ooo, I have 2. First is something i got recently from my coworkers. Its a life size Batman balloon! I got this for passing my Project Management exam last month. It was a requirement for my degree but also super useful for my job. The studying was long and rough and all my co workers encouraged me along the way! When i passed, they shared in my excitement! And bought me this:

The other geekery item I’m most proud of, that took me ages to find, is my movie poster of the Gooonies.

To say it’s my favorite movie is an understatement! Me and the Goonies have a love that no one will ever come between! I've visited the sites where the movie was filmed and plan on getting a Goonies tattoo soon!
Bella:  Hey you guys!!!!!! Those are freaking amazing! Speaking of favorites, it's that time... Tell us your faves.
theHeFiNaTor:  Video game: old school- Contra ; new school - Mass Efffect series
Book: The Farthest Away Mountain by Lynne Reid Banks
Song: "Dont stop beleivin'" by Journey
 "As seen on TV" item: my Slap Chop! Chops everything just the way I need.
 Anime- Cowboy Bebop!!! I love Edward!
TV show: besides Law and Order SVU, it would have to be Criminal Minds
Cell phone/Tablet app: Spotify - gotta have my music
Geekery clothing accessory: my Jack Skellington slippers!!
Saying/phrase: "Groovy" and "awesome possum"
Cartoon: The Powerpuff Girls - the original! (I own the whole series box set!)
Top 3 favorite hobbies aside from gaming:
3 hobbies aside from gaming: baking (i love to decorate cakes!) –
hiking/camping (i do love the outdoors! Weather near Seattle prevents enjoying it though!) –
movie nights! (With friends or just at home with the Caveman, i love having movie nights!)
Bella:  So you're going to let me borrow the Powerpuff Girls set?! wink Which Powerpuff would you be for a day?
theHeFiNaTor:  Sure, let me just teleport that right over!    Haha!  Oh man, i would totally be Bubbles! She was my favorite!! Even though im more of a Blossom, i loved Bubbles attitude!
Bella:  Bubbles is so cute!  Since we are in the holiday season, we want to know what's your favorite holiday?
theHeFiNaTor:  Halloween!!! Candy, costumes, scary movies! I love it!! I have 4 rubbermaid containers full of halloween decorations.... and only 1 for christmas decorations! Haha.
Bella:  What's the worst Halloween candy?
theHeFiNaTor:  Most definitely Black licorice! A house in my neighborhood as a kid always gave out black licorice. Bleck!!
Bella:  I 2nd that!  Egg nog or is it egg nah?
theHeFiNaTor:  No way jose. Never been able to stand it.
Bella:  I heard that!! What is worse than getting coal in your stocking?
theHeFiNaTor:  Getting underwear in your stocking!!

Bella:  Yes - especially if it's not yours! Why Mr. Claus, you have been naughty! Lol!  If you could rename one of Santa Claus' reindeers, which one would it be and what would the new reindeer name be?
theHeFiNaTor:  "Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen; Comet, Cupid, Javier, and Blitzen." HAHA Who needs Donner anyway! I think Javier would be a much better name! Really adds character to the whole bunch!
Bella:  I freakin love it! Javier is the newest reindeer. How did you hear about the holly jolly PopChiX?
theHeFiNaTor:  Actually, from a guy friend of mine. I had just started getting into playing Xbox and all I had to play with was guys and that was no fun. He mentioned to me something about Gamerchix playdates. I stalked for a little bit and that lead me to the Popchix page. It took months to register, I was a bit of a chicken, but once signed up, I found the greatest bunch of people ever!
Bella:  Woot woot! We're glad you signed up! Tell us about the time when you realized you were a gamer.
theHeFiNaTor:  Playing RoboCop with my cousins when i was a kid! That started it all. A few years later, my dad and i would spend hours playing donkey kong country together! Hooked on gaming ever since!
Bella:  I never played RoboCop, but I did enjoy Donkey Kong Country. Tell us what would the video game be called for these emojis, and what console would it be available on:

theHeFiNaTor:  Oh man - I don't even know what half those emojis mean - but here goes nothing! A Super Hero and a Super Villain must band together in rain, wind, and snow to protect the Earth from a band of fishy Penguins from Negative Space. Solve puzzles, Make Music, band together with friends, and defeat hazards by exploring some of Earths greatest monuments: The Love Hotel of Paris, the Camp Site of the Great Northwest, and the Throne of the Airplane Gods of Old! "The League of Black Clubs" - coming soon on Xbox One, PS4, and PC
Bella:  Lol!! I'd pre-order "The League of Black Clubs"!  What would be the most difficult achievement to get on that game?
theHeFiNaTor:  "Dinners Ready" Zap 100000 Penguins with the Fish Sticks Coversion Ray Gun! - worth 125 gamerscore
Bella:  A ray gun... I want it!!  *pew pew* What real life achievement are you most proud of?

Marrying the Caveman! Greatest achievement in my life so far!! Hes one special guy to be able to deal with me!
 Bella:  Awww those are such great pictures! I love the achievement unlocked sign! Any advice for new gamers, especially to our awesome ChiX or ChiXs in training?
 theHeFiNaTor:  My mother-in-law made us the sign. We still have it hanging up in our apartment!  Advice for new gamers? If you love it, keep doing it! Dont let anyone tell you gaming is lame or you cant do it. It becomes part of who you are and by joining communities like the ChiX, you can find some of the best friends of your life!! I know im thankful for all the friends ive made from gaming and the ChiX!
Bella:  Feel the luvs!!!! Gaming community are a great way to find other gamers that are new, veteran, in your time zone, working on special achievements, playing just to goof around, etc. As Fabulous Grand Awesome ChiX of the month, you have the bold opportunity to go where no other Hef has gone before... You get to ask our community a question.
theHeFiNaTor Forum question: A rich man has just presented you with an amazing amount of money. The catch is you have to leave your current location and start a new life somewhere else and you can only take 3 video games with you. Where do you move to and what 3 games do you take???
Bella:  Alright folks, you heard theHeFiNaToR! Continue the conversation and submit your response. Congratulations again to theHeFiNaToR!!!!!! Wedge dances & the truffle shuffles to bring down the house!!!
theHeFiNaTor:  Thanx again!!!!
Bella:  Thank you for being such a great addition to our PopChiX Community!

Don't forget, YOU have the power to decide the next ChiX of the Month. We need YOUR INPUT!  Send your nominations to spotlight@popchix.com ! (You can also send me a PM in the forums.) Or if you have an interview question, send it for review, and you can be a special co-host!

Thank you to each and every one of you to making 2014 a magical year!  Let’s keep rocking & make 2015 phenomenal!

Love, peace, and game on! …. And wedge dances for all, and to all a good night.