Community Spotlight - Eagle Warhawk

CalacaBellaTrix | November 17 2014

Eagle Warhawk
FROST Eagle's Gamercard
FROST Eagle 

Bella:  How do you like being November's ChiX of the Month? wink
Eagle Warhawk:  Wait, what? For real?
Bella:  Awww yeah!!! Congratulations ChiX! Any special shout outs/thank yous?
Eagle Warhawk: I want to thank Purplepooki for being awesome and helping me out when I need a co-op partner. And shout out to the Trigger Tuesdays hostesses: TootieTazzy and CalacaBellaTriX and to the Steam Thursday Hostess: Purplepooki. Also, shout out to all the awesome Chix.
Bella: Awww shucks! Thank you, and I'm sure the other ChiX thank you too!   So how did you come up with such a snazzy GamerTag? 

Eagle Warhawk: No exciting story really. Just me and a few friends created some gamertags with the name Warhawk at the end and we each picked a bird/plane for the first name. So I chose Eagle Warhawk for both the bird and the planes it was named after. And now, I use that name for everything except xbox where I am known as FROST Eagle (clan name change but I kept the Eagle part). 

Bella: How awesome! Where in the galaxy is Ms. Eagle Warhawk?

Eagle Warhawk: A little place in the Milky Way Galaxy called Earth.

Bella: I know that place & I love it here too!


Bella:  How did you find out about PopChiX?

Eagle Warhawk: I came over when the GamerchiX treehouse over on the xbox forums were shutdown.

Bella: Another XgX member! Do you have any advice for our new PopChiX members? Or for those looking to join our community?

Eagle Warhawk: Just to get out there and play and participate in the Playdates. We don't bite.

Bella: We'd only bite if we were the Biters/Walkers from The Walking Dead...

Shhhhh.... Hear that scraping at the door... Should we see what it is?

Eagle Warhawk: Let me just get a Crossbow, never can be too careful with a potential walker. Ok, let's see what it is?

Bella: Ummm am I opening the door or are you? ..... ...... Don't look at me like that... One of us has to be back up...

Eagle Warhawk: Well ok, I guess I will open the door.


Bella: (Shhhh... No one remind her of what happened to TootieTazzy... When her & I were stuck with walkers...)

Go ahead & ooooooopen it. Slowly. Jeez, be careful. OMG it's getting louder. *peers out the window*

Sorry Eagle Warhawk, but I have to do this... *pushes Eagle Warhawk out the door, with a devilish Grinch grin*

Muahahahahahaha!!!!! (Unrecognizable voice.... Replies back with...)


--- Eagle Warhawk is squirming to be freed from .... ..... ....... x1upgirl!!! ---

Eagle Warhawk: Ahhhhh. Activate Tyreese or Carol powers (The Walking Dead).


Bella: Readers relax. I saw her out the window!  x1upgirl is here with her fine BADONKADONK to congratulate Ms. Eagle Warhawk!!

Bella: let's get her!  *unce unce unce* It's an Eagle Warhawk sandwich! x1upgirl & I are teaming up forces. We're proving pelvic thrusting congratulations! smile


Eagle Warhawk: Wub Wub Wub. Wait, this isn't borderlands. Lol, thank you two for the congratulations.

Bella: Let's all welcome Commander BADONKADONK & make it clap for x1upgirl! She's going to take over for a bit.... Hey I said a bit not a bite x1upgirl!!! Behave! Eagle Warhawk has her Bow and will go Daryl on ya.

Ok, thank you for releasing my arm back to me. Now you can have the mic.


x1upgirl: Who would win in a fist fight: Shane or The Governor?

Eagle Warhawk: *claps* tough one, but I have to go with The Governor.

Bella: The Governor you say?? Eyed have 2 see about that! Get it??!? Yes I punned!


x1upgirl: What TWD character do you feel was awesome in the comic but the AMC show hasn't done justify for?

Eagle Warhawk: Andrea. But it seems Carol has taken over her role.


x1upgirl: M/F/K: Benny, Caesar, and President Kimball.

Eagle Warhawk: M-President Kimball F-Caesar K-Benny


Bella: Lol! ... Why are you ChiX glaring at me? I'm only laughing out loud! What's that you say? Oh noes! More scrapping at the door! Sorry I'll be quiet. *peers out window*

Oh! Silly ChiX! It's for you!

Sound the horns-or the quiet air horns- it's our previous ChiX of the Month, MrsNinjaMaster! She's taking over now, and she's going to ask you some questions before she passes on the e-controller to you.


MrsNinjaMaster: First off, congrats on your ChiX of the Month status! I can't ignore that you are a Doctor Who fan. When did you become a fan?

Eagle Warhawk: Thank you for the congrats. I became a fan in 2012. I saw the episode "The Water of Mars" with David Tennant as the 10th Doctor on BBC America as a rerun and have been hooked ever since.


MrsNinjaMaster: Who is your favorite Doctor?

Eagle Warhawk:  Tough Question, every Doctor has a different personality that defines their Doctor and it is difficult to choose just one. But I would have to go with Peter Capaldi.


MrsNinjaMaster: What do you think of his latest regeneration?

Eagle Warhawk:  It is always hard to see The Doctor regenerate. But there hasn't been a Doctor who I have not fallen in love with. With the 12th Doctor, there is no more boyfriend doctor, just a more darker Timelord. Peter plays his part well and is a great change to the series and I am excited to see how his Doctor changes in series 9 and beyond.


Bella: Woot woot! Thanks for stopping by. And now that you and x1upgirl are done with your questions, it time for you both to look at the flowers.  ;)

Bella: Eagle Warhawk, who would be on your ultimate zombie apocalypse team? (Up to 5 people).

Eagle Warhawk: The Doctor (Doctor Who), Daryl and Rick from TWD, Female Commander Shepard (Mass Effect), and Black Widow (Marvel).

Bella: Those are solid choices for your zombie team!! Who would be the top 2 to survive?

Eagle Warhawk: The Doctor and Black Widow.


Bella: Of course The Doctor would! What 5 games would describe your gaming styles?

Eagle Warhawk: Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Dragon Age, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Borderlands 2.


Bella: So it appears you like to run & gun then...Out of those 5 games, which weapon would you take with you into the zombie apocalypse?

Eagle Warhawk: Definitely a lightsaber. Would never run out of ammo.


Bella: Lol! Yes, light saber for the win! Michonne would have a field day with it! What would your slaughter/Beast mode be called? What now a would it involve?

Eagle Warhawk: Eagle's Revenge and it would be a whirlwind of lightsaber mastery.


Bella: Aside from the Eagle's Revenge, what super powers would you like to have?

Eagle Warhawk: Ability to teleport, super speed, and super strength.


Bella: Super Woman!  What super gamerchix/ geekery item do you own or have created that you are most proud of?

Eagle Warhawk: It would probably have to be my 10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote.


Bella: Clicky click click! I want that remote.  Do you game for the all the glorious achievements, or just to have fun?  Which game has your "Eagle hall of fame moment"?

Eagle Warhawk: Mainly, I game for fun but have been known to go for achievements. As for my "hall of frame moment" that would have to go with a game from a past Call of Duty where I randomly pick up a grenade and throw it out a window. To my surprise, it actually killed someone. That was a great random kill moment.


Bella: You're a master chef with cookin nades!  You were one of our awesome ChiX to participate in the ChiX Challenge. Which one of your entries was your favorite to do?

Eagle Warhawk: Well, my favorite one challenge was the leave your friend to die from the Zombieland challenge. It took a while to set up but it was so much fun just playing and trying to get my co-op partner to go down.


Bella: Lol. Did they know ahead of time or did you surprise them with a "by the way.."

Eagle Warhawk: No, she knew. But it still was fun. It was a bit of a surprise for the AIs though.

Bella: The AIs never saw it coming...

It's that time again... Please tell us your favorites:

Eagle Warhawk:

Video game - Either Mass Effect Series or Fallout 3

Table top game / card game- Clue

Movie/book- Star Wars

Song- "I am the Doctor"

TV show- Doctor Who

Cell Phone/Tablet application - IGN app

Saying/Phrase- Allons-y

Comic Series: The Walking Dead


Bella:  Where's Waldo?  Or is Waldo secretly The Doctor?

Eagle Warhawk: What? You mean he is missing? He could be.....

Bella: Clue you say... So who killed Mr.Body?

Eagle Warhawk: Obviously Waldo (since he is missing) with the candlestick in the kitchen.


Bella: Oh Waldo... Now we know why you conveniently "went missing" aka you were hiding!!  Hmmm I wonder if Carmen SanDiego was in on it too!?

Eagle Warhawk: Maybe. We should ask Sherlock to look into it.

Bella: Hmmm if afraid Sherlock is out with Watson on another adventure. If you could have one room designed and decorated with one game theme (video, card, table top, mobile apps. etc.) and you had to use the room everyday for the rest of your life, what game theme would it be? What would be some of the amazing features in it?

Eagle Warhawk: It would have to be Mass Effect. It would be all space themed and have some features of the Normandy incorporated into the design.


Bella: Spaced themed Mass Effect would be brilliant!  What made you smile today?

Eagle Warhawk: Today, I played some Borderlands The Pre-Sequel and just equipped the Halloween gun I got during the event. Never fired it. But when I did, I noticed it shots flaming pumpkins. That put a big smile on my face while I said "awesome".


Bella: ​ The flaming pumpkins are quite nice! Its a great shot gun.  Out of all the Borderlands, which is your favorite character to play?

Eagle Warhawk: Gaige, the mechomancer. Gotta love her robot buddy and her robot arm.


Bella: ​ Since you're a WHOVIAN, would you rather travel 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future? What would you be doing?

Eagle Warhawk: 100 years in the future. I would see all the advancements in technology. And see where human kind is in the universe.


Bella: ​ Who win the fight between Claptrap (CL4P-TP) and R2-D2?

Eagle Warhawk: R2-D2. He would fry Claptrap's circuits.


Bella: ​ Oh lol! Poor Claptrap and his circuits.  If you could be half human/animal or human/insect, which animal/insect would it be?

Eagle Warhawk: Half-human half-eagle so I could fly,


Bella: ​ Fly like an eagle!! Allons-y!  Would you war a face shield to prevent catching bugs in your mouth? Lol. With your new flying ability, where would be the first place you would fly to?

Eagle Warhawk: Maybe, a helmet. And probably fly around town first.


Bella: ​ Tell us about your first video game /arcade moment.

Eagle Warhawk: Hard to describe since I can't remember that far back to my childhood. But I do know that the game was Rise of the Triad on the computer. And I had fun playing it with my father. I also played a lot of Age of Empires with him too.


Bella: ​ Wow that's great that you had your early gaming memories with your father. Make up a storyline (or video game) about these:

Eagle Warhawk:  ​ On July 17th, a person who carries lucky dice discovers a bomb on a bridge. It blows up creating a fire, in the chaos monkeys see their opportunity and escape from a nearby zoo taking magical mushrooms with them. The force of the bomb created a rupture in the earth which spewed lava onto the streets. A random person gets up and tells people to throw money and floppy disks into the lava to save mankind. So the people did it. And the lava stopped. Then everyone partied for mankind was saved. The End.


Bella: ​ Lol!!! Yes!! I love the floppy drives saving mankind. When you're not gaming, and telling us epic emoji stories, what do you like to do to relax?

Eagle Warhawk: Well when I am not doing school work or gaming, I am either playing with my dog, reading comics or watching TV.


Bella: ​ If you could be a character in The Walking Dead (comic book sires or TV) or Doctor Who, who would you be and why? Would this character eventually have their own video game series, and what would it be called?

Eagle Warhawk: I would be Michonne for obvious reasons.... Katana. And she would get her own video game called Samurai Walker Killer. If I was a character in Doctor Who, I would be myself as a companion of the Doctor seeing all of time and space. And this character would not have a video game series.


Bella: ​ Thank you so much for your time. Congratulations again on being PopChiX of the Month!  Now is your chance to ask our gamers a question....

Eagle Warhawk:  Thank you, this interview was so much fun. As for the question: if you could play one game series for the rest of your life (all DLC and new generation gaming systems included), what would it be and why?


Bella: ​ Alright gamers, Eagle Warhawk wants to hear from you. Once you have logged into your account, please click on the link above, and continue this conversation with our November ChiX of the Month.

Don't forget, YOU have the power to decide the next ChiX of the Month. We need YOUR INPUT!!!  Send your nominations to ! (You can also send me a PM in the forums.) Or if you have an interview question, send it for review, and you may be a special co-host!

Love, peace, and game on!


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