PopchiX Summer Challenge: Complete!
A month ago we tasked you with finding up to 199 items in 30 days, and did you ever rise up to that challenge! Every team had a little help along the way, some of it furry! Zaythar's dog, Sindaen, played an adorable game of fetch. The Little... read more ...
Community Spotlight - TootieTazzy
Bella:  By the way... Congratulations!! TootieTazzy:  What did I do that I forgot about this time? Bella:  You're the PopChiX of the month!! TootieTazzy:  Oh! It's not even April Fools lol  I'm surprised tho, bein... read more ...
PopchiX Challenge: Ready, Set, Go!
The Summer 2014 PopchiX Challenge is about to begin!!  For the official Challenge/Scavenger Hunt List, please review the Google Sheet (which also contains the teams and will eventually show scores) or this thread in the forums (item list only... read more ...
Community Spotlight - Akashaheart
Bella:  Hold on to your socks... You're our PopChix of the Month!!! This calls for a wedge dance... While I'm dancing it out, are there any special shout outs/thanks you'd like to give? Akashaheart:  OMY GAAAAAAAWD! I feel like ... read more ...
Wanted: BA Vault Hunters To Take On The PopChiX Challenge!
Greetings, PopChiX and Chaps! So... you wanna play a game? One that involves shenanigans, treasure hunting and photographic evidence of both? Well, have I got a game for you! It’s The POPCHIX CHALLENGE! (aka our first scavenger hunt) Go ... read more ...
This Month’s Badge Theme: July Is The New Black!
This month's writer's badge theme is July is the new Black! As always, any article submission will earn this badge but we're definitely looking for articles inspired by the show Orange is The New Black. Be creative! If you're... read more ...
Achievement Unlocked! PopChiX Races 10k For Life Cancer Research
On Sunday the 8th of June, I took on a challenge of running 10k in support of cancer research, round Victoria embankment in Nottingham, England. A few years ago my grandad died of bladder cancer. A few months after that, my husband's step brothe... read more ...
It’s National Pink Day! Tell Us How You’re Celebrating!
Today is National Pink Day, the day we celebrate all things pink!   Whether you're wearing pink, eating pink iced donuts, driving around in a pink car, playing Halo with a pink armored spartan, or wearing pink nail polish, we want to know... read more ...
Achievement Unlocked! PopChiX’s Take On Ithaca Children’s Garden Tough Turtle 5K!
Meet Unicorn Commando Squad!  PopChiX superstars OhMyFluffyGoat (Brittany N.) and h3110xxxk1tty (Brittany M.) took on The Second Annual Tough Turtle to help raise donations for their local charity, the Ithaca Children's Garden! The T... read more ...
Community Spotlight - h3110xxxk1tty
Bella:  OMG did you know ..... You're THE POPCHIX OF THE MONTH!!!! h3110xxxk1tty:  WHAT?  NO?!  hahaha are you sure it's me O.o   Bella:  Yes indeed!  Any special shout outs? h3110xxxk1tty:  haha omgo... read more ...
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This awesome gaming super hero idolizes Batman, loves R2-D2, and fights crime with laughter and Hipster Repellent Bat Spray!
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