Fight Like A Girl in FLAG 2009, and Help Fight Cancer!
Four years ago, Kari "The Don Wan" Toyama was working at Safeway, and trying to come up with an alternative way to help raise money for Breast Cancer[...] read more ...
PAX GivingChiX - Were You GamerchiX Approved?
Donning our tiaras, Nori (killaMOMjaro) and I(kiki kat) basically took over PAX 2009 with our first charity initiative with GivingChix (XCX). Okay,[...] read more ...
Sashay Shante!
If you're walking around that little convention called PAX or Penny Arcade Expo, and you see some crazy girls with sashes that say on[...] read more ...
The Don Wan
PopchiX Interviews The Don Wan She's a founder of the annual Fight Like a Girl Halo tournament, a host of the Loading Reality podcast, and an Xbox[...] read more ...
Poke stuff to fight poverty at PAX!
GamerchiX have been rocking the Penny Arcade Expo since we were a fledgling group with a couple hundred members. We've seen PAX grow from a smallish,[...] read more ...
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ChiX Spotlight
This awesome gaming super hero idolizes Batman, loves R2-D2, and fights crime with laughter and Hipster Repellent Bat Spray!
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