Take a Toy Design Class Online with Paul Budnitz, Founder of Kidrobot
Have you ever looked at Kidrobot Dunnys, Tokidoki Unicornos, Muggs, Funko Pop! toys and thought, "Hey, I want to make something like this!"? Then check out this class given by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013. Best part ... read more ...
Marvel Labbits Courtesy of Kidrobot
Not so long ago, we were treated to a mashup of Kidrobot toys and Marvel characters in the shape of Munnys. Now? Reknowned artist Frank Kozik has his iconic Labbits adorned with superhero costumes. The 2.5" series is blind-boxed meaning that you don&... read more ...
Infographics Saint’s Row Style
Some of you may already know that I'm a fan of infographics. I have a Pinterest board dedicated to those that stand out to me. Well, the lovely people over at Deep Silver have just sent out their latest offering. An infographic for Saint's Ro... read more ...
Mario Vs. Luigi - Greatness For Your Walls
Have you been waking up and staring at that poster of Harry Potter for too long? Have you decided that maybe it's time to "mature" your art collection? Well, 1xrun is the place to go. This site offers limited, timed release artworks that aren'... read more ...
2013 Dunnys & Marvel Munnys - Soon
Summer is always an exciting time for toy lovers. This week, KidRobot fans have not only received official word that the new 2013 Dunny series will drop on June 14th, but there seems to have been a leak about a new licensing agreement they've set... read more ...
Papercraft Gets Starked!
Feeling crafty? Maybe you're looking for something to make your geeky mom for Mother's Day? Well take a look at Gus Santome's amazing papercraft offerings. He has just released a series of Iron Man plans that you can print, cut out and gl... read more ...
Designer Toys - One ChiX Favorite Addiction
Back in 2008-09ish, I frequently visited a certain Bellevue Sushi joint called Blue C. They unwittingly got me addicted to not only their sushi, but to vinyl art toys. During each outing, I would purchase a small box for about $10. Each box contained... read more ...
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