Add Some Meow-Mix to Your Vinyl Collection

DirtyDiva | October 09 2013

Is your designer toy collection missing a little aloofness? Does it need some purrrrfect addition to make it complete? Then check out the recently released Cactus Kitties by Italian artist Simone Legno most known for his work with Tokidoki.

Each kitty is blind boxed meaning that you buy a box not knowing who is inside but at $6 a box, it shouldn't break the bank to get a complete set. The figures are tiny at only 1.38" tall and each come with an even tinier accessory. Surely you have room in your home for one of these cute little pricklemonsters?

Characters in the series include Bruttino Jr., Lana, DJ Paw Paw, Jinx, Fortunato, Buddy, Uncle Sammy, Patches, Princess CoCo, Bandito, Albert, and Snoop Kitty. Fortunato and Jinx are chase figures at 1 in 30 and 1 in 60 respectively.

Check all of the characters out below:


X1up Girl
X1up Girl Wed 09 Oct
ohmyfluffygoat Wed 09 Oct
Double waaaaaaannnnnt!
my bullitt
my bullitt Wed 09 Oct
Fifiville Wed 09 Oct
I bought one! I hope I get a cute one...oh wait they're all cute!!

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Tokidoki Cactus Kitties
Artist/Designer: Tokidoki
Official Website: Visit Site
Price: $6.00
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