D.I.Y. Creeper Ornaments

X1up Girl | December 12 2013

I love decorating this time of year, and I'm always trying to think up new ornaments ideas that  I can craft for that giant white plastic tree sitting in my living room.  This year, I really wanted to expand my current holiday decorating scheme to include more gaming themes but I didn't want to throw $10 on a single ornament either.   And then I had an epiphany: creeper ornaments!  What I like best about these ornaments is that they are easy to make and don't require a lot of resources (most of what I used I either already had around my house or found at the dollar store).


  • 1 package of  foam counting blocks (I found these at my local dollar store - the cubes are a little less than 1 inch in size)
  • paper clips or wire ornament hooks (1 per creeper)
  • Needle nose pliers
  • black sharpie marker
  • box cutter
  • glue stick
  • (OPTIONAL) small present ornaments, the type used for decorating a small tree (also found these at my local dollar store, pictured below)

NOTE:  The pack of foam blocks I found didn't have many green cubes in it at all. :/  However, only 2 cubes are needed per creeper and for $1 a bag, it won't break the bank to pick up more than one of these.



1) Use the pliers to straighten out the paperclip or ornament hooks.  (Note: ornament hooks are a little flimsier to work with, but less work to straighten out.)


2) Two cubes are used for each creeper.  Use the box cutter and cut one of the cubes in half like so:

These are going to be used for the body of the creeper. The cut side won't look pretty which doesn't matter as it will be on the back side of the ornament which no one will see anyways.


3) Take the pliers, and make a small bend at the end of the paper clip/ornament hook.  This will be used to keep the creeper from sliding off.


4) Using the straight end, push the wire through the two cut foam body pieces like so:

This task is easier when done using the pliers to hold the wire while pushing each body segment through one at a time.  You might have to adjust the centering of the blocks to line up  after the wire is in -- just push them until they do. The foam is soft and will adjust pretty easily. 

Once both are threaded on there, use the glue stick to glue the two foam body pieces together (it will take very little glue to do this).  Make sure the smooth sides match up like so.


5)  While holding the body, push the wire through one of the solid blocks (this will be the head of the creeper).  Make sure to push through the rough side of the foam block - you want one of the smooth sides for the face.  Try to push it through the center of the block, and adjust as needed by pushing the block on the wire (left or right) in the direction it needs to go so it lines up with the body (seriously, this foam is forgiving).

Once the cube is on there, slide it down towards the body.  (Note: DO NOT GLUE the head to the body. Well, technically you can, but leaving it unglued will allow the head to be moved around and just looks more awesome).

Ok, the hard part is now officially over, yay!

6)  Use the pliers and bend the straight end of the wire to make a loop like so.


Now we have our main creeper body complete, woot! Time to celebrate!!

Guys, stop it...


7) Use the sharpie, and draw on the creeper face.

It doesn't have to be perfect. If you screw up THAT bad, just turn the bad face around to the back of the ornament and try again.

8)  IF you have the present ornaments, add glue to one side and stick it to the lower portion of the creeper body like so.

If you couldn't find the small gift ornaments, just take one of the spare colored foam cubes from the pack, draw bow lines on it with a sharpie, and glue it on the creeper instead. The dollar store has some micro bows you can add if you're feeling adventuresome.


Allow the creepers to dry for at least an hour, and you're all done! 


(OPTIONAL STEP) Now some of you might be thinking "where's the feet?"  if you want feet, you can add them.  Basically take a cube, cut it in half like we did for the body pieces but then take one of those half cubes and cut it into four pieces like so:

Using the glue stick, glue the feet at the bottom of the creeper:

The creepers do look slightly better with the feet on. The only problem is  they aren't very sturdy. The feet will come off easily if handled too roughly. Most of the creepers I left the feet off because they looked fine without them.


10) Final step - add a ornament hook, string, whatever you have to hang the final product up!

And that's it!  Creeper ornaments are now complete!


ohmyfluffygoat Thu 12 Dec
These turned out amazeballs! Definitely added to my Pinterest.
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Thu 12 Dec
Thanks! Glad you like them! :D
jessageek Thu 12 Dec
Ha! Love these. So clever and the SNL reference is just awesome.
Fifiville Thu 12 Dec
Oh yes! D*** in a box Creepers!!! LOOOOVE them!!!1
Purplepooki Thu 12 Dec

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