Get Your Craft On:  Easy Valentine’s Day Crochet Hearts

xSHADOWx | February 11 2014

For Valentine's day this year I decided to make my daughters nursery class a crochet heart.

There's 26 children in her class including herself.  It seamed a good idea at the time, until I was half way through then realised what I let myself in for. However, they came out great and the time consuming project was worth it.

I found a free pattern online for them here:

There are many different heart patterns online but this has to be the quickest and easiest I've found.

image source:

I'll be sending my daughter to nursery with them today and hope all her class mates enjoy them. smile


X1up Girl
X1up Girl Tue 11 Feb
LOVE these! So super cute! I wish I knew how to crochet
jessageek Tue 11 Feb
These are adorable!
Purplepooki Tue 11 Feb
Love them!
Littles813 Tue 11 Feb
Aww so cute.... couldn't craft my way out of a paper
EnchantedDaisy Tue 11 Feb
Love them. I might make a few to hang on my cork-board.
I just started a crochet heart scarf yesterday for a gift for my cousin. Maybe I could attach a few of these little hearts onto the gift basket smile
xSHADOWx Tue 11 Feb
If you go onto you tube there are tutorials on how to crochet, its very easy, and this heart pattern uses the easiest of stitches ever.

Daisy - you totally should, they are great
Zaythar Tue 18 Feb
Those are soooo cute!! I am awe of folks that can crochet and knit. You are so talented!
xSHADOWx Wed 19 Feb
Thank you but seriously its so easy to crochet

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