Jazz Up Your Valentine’s Day With These 3D Printed Gifts

X1up Girl | February 04 2014

Valentine's gifts can be so repetitive and boring:  flowers, candy, handcuffs, yawn!  Spice up your gift options with these awesome 3D printed goodies!

3D Printed Sweetheart Cookie Cutters from Licketycut:

I'm no cookiemancer, but making (or receiving) Valentine's heart candy shaped cookies with a cute message on them is a win!  Licketycut offers these neat 3D printed cookie cutters with a variety of messages (naughty and nice) for $5 each.  If hearts aren't your thing, they also have geek and gamer themed cookie cutters as well:

My significant other may be getting a dozen cookies forged using this amazeballs cookie cutter for Valentine's day... and every other holiday this year:

*wrings her hands and laughs maniacally*


3D Printed Desk Toys from Shapeways:

Who doesn't need more desk toys?  Currently, Shapeways is like the Cafe Press of the 3D printing world - anyone can upload their designs and sell them on this site, so there is a plethora of awesomeness to choose from (not just desk toys either).  Just be sure the item you pick is actually for sale.  Percy the pudgy unicorn, sadly, is not. :(


Custom 3D Printed Jewelry from Dyo:

Hey, who doesn't like jewelry? (Ok, put your hands down.) Dyo, an MIT startup, currently offers customizable 3D printed pendants and rings in a variety of materials (from metals to resins), starting off as low as $15.  My current fav is the customizable Verse ring that allows up to 14 characters.  There is a really neat preview option that renders an interactive and draggable 3d version of what the finished ring will look like: 

I love the idea of creating a ring with a gamertag as a gift, although I must admit I am mustering every bit of self control to NOT create a ring with the text "Butt Stallion" on it.


Jessibaby1986 Tue 04 Feb
Awesome awesome awesome!
xSHADOWx Tue 04 Feb
Love the cookie cutters
Melanopterus Tue 04 Feb
Cute, awesome, do want lol
jessageek Tue 04 Feb
Come on. You *know* you want Butt Stallion!! wink

I'm going to have to get me some Doctor Who cookie cutters!
Littles813 Tue 11 Feb
Ohhhh ahhhh ♥♥♥

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