Not Quite Disney

DirtyDiva | December 20 2013

Are you one of those who prefers the photos of the Disney princesses trying to manage real life? Or who envisions Mickey running government? Well, these designer toys may be right up your alley. Some are not available, some come at a high price, some are mass produced while others are custom one-offs but all are genius.

All images courtesy of They are the best site for keeping track of your designer toy collection. And no, I wasn't paid to say that.

I present to you - "Not Quite Disney"

Bad Apple
By Leecifer (based on Goin's original)
Custom 1 - off Bad Apple by MightyJaxx

Murder Mickey
Custom 1 off

Warzone Mickey
By Don P (Patrick Lippe)
Custom 1 off Funkopop Mickey

By David Flores
Design for KidRobot series size unknown. Also available in pink and blue

Deathshead Mickey - Hellfire Red
By David Flores
Design for Bic Plastics - series size 50.

Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket
By Kaws
Design for Medicom Toy - series size 1000

Alice After Wonderland
By T.O. Designs
Custom 1 off Kidrobot Dunny
(He also has some amazing Walking Dead customs. Go see them!)

Cheshire Cat
By Span of Sunset
Series of 500. Many more editions in existence.

Totem Stitch
by Reactor-88
Custom 1 off. On Disney's Stitch platform.



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