Spring is Approaching. It’s Bunny-Time!

DirtyDiva | February 25 2014

Spring is quickly approaching and nothing screams spring more than baby bunnies and lambs frolicking in the open fields... or blowing bubblegum bubbles, wearing eye patches or growing beards. That's right, a new band of Frank Kozik's labbits are available for you to buy and cuddle. So don't give away bunnies for easter, find a nice home for one of these labbits, instead!

This first new labbit was not content with growing a moustache, he wanted to go all manly man with a full blown beard. Snuggle him next to your chest as you would a big burly lumberjack. This delightful chap comes as a 7" or 14" baby blue or pink squishy ball and is priced at $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.

If the beard isn't melting the ice from your girly bits, how about some smaller offerings? KidRobot also has blind boxes of the latest vinyl labbit series as well as plush labbits. They all range in price from $4.99 to $19.99.

Moustached 14" Plush Labbit - $19.99 (also comes in 7" for $9.99)

Blind Box 1.5" Vinyl Labbits - $4.99

Plush 2" keychain Labbits - $4.99


xSHADOWx Wed 26 Feb
Zomg shut up and take my money
kwynn Wed 26 Feb
I love that the beard is red. So much cuteness.
Littles813 Wed 05 Mar
Lmao ive never heard of a labbit
Twilight lily
Twilight lily Mon 31 Mar
its so cute!! my boyfriend's beard looks the same when he grows it out...

wonder what he would think of a labbit.

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Frank Kozik Labbits
Artist/Designer: Frank Kozik/Kidrobot
Official Website: Visit Site
Price: $4.99 - $19.99
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