Titanfall Meets Dunny via Huck Gee?

DirtyDiva | January 30 2014

With Titanfall just around the corner, Huck Gee and Kidrobot couldn't have timed their new release better. On February 13, A new Dunny will hit the shelves in the shape of a 3" Dunny inside a 7" Dunny Mech suit. What makes this even more awesome? Well, how about the Mech driver is a female!

The Kidrobot site describes her as,

Part mechanic, part engineer, and part talent show winner, Penelope McStompsalot hand built her Blowback Industries DUNN-7™ wasteland stomper from the salvage of 4 different mechs and a 2135 Chevy Bel Air. She may be a no nonsense, one eyed, red headed beauty but don’t let the good looks fool you – she’s as handy with a sawed off shotgun as a lithium power wrench. Eat lead wasteland sand suckers.

The piece will come in two flavors, black and green and each will set you back $199. You can buy the black version ONLY on kidrobot.com or from their stores. The green version will be available at select designer toy retailers.


Littles813 Sat 01 Feb
OMG this is fricking adorable.
Pryn Mon 03 Feb
Working on Munny/Dunny are so much fun! Made one of a friend as if they were Spongebob last year lol.

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Penelope McStompsalot
Artist/Designer: Huck Gee for Kidrobot
Official Website: Visit Site
Price: 199.99
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