Arkangel’s Glow in the Dark Polish Roundup 2014

arkangel318 | October 27 2014

Last year, I reviewed some glow in the dark polishes. The polishes don’t stop happening, so neither do I! Let’s do this!


Ghoulish Nail Color

This is the same brand I liked the best last year. It’s sold at Rite-Aid. Initially I wasn’t going to review it, but the results were different enough to warrant an inclusion. I also believe the price has doubled since last year.

If you are not a fan of sheer polish, you won’t be liking this. This was streaky as heck. Even four coats weren’t enough to get fully opaque coverage on my nails. I guess it would be okay if you were going to spend most of the time you plan to wear this in the dark.

The glow was still good, which I definitely want to see after using so much polish! I have no choice but to take points off since it looks terrible in daylight.

Three glow stars


Sally Girl Glow in the Dark Top Coat Polish

This can be found at Sally Beauty Supply, and comes in a mini size bottle only. At first, I was excited about this one. The bottle glowed more than the pumpkin did, and I loved how it dried to a shiny finish when I put it on. Everything else I’ve used up to this point has been matte. Could this work as a top coat? Nope! Even after four coats there was little glow. Good things don’t always come in small packages apparently.

One glow star


Serum No. 5 Indi-Glo and Pure Glow Getter

This is a brand I’ve been meaning to try for ages, but the price has always put me off. It’s not cheap. Sometimes, you just have to glow, err, go for it though. They definitely didn’t look like glow in the dark polishes. However, it turns out this polish is fantastic! I got full coverage in three coats. They dry to a matte finish but top coat can easily make it shiny if you’d prefer that. The glow is terrific. I’ve never seen polish glow blue before, and it needed less exposure to light for it to kick in. I noticed a couple times if I went from a brightly lit room to a dark one the polish would be glowing a bit, whereas with all the others, I had to stick my hand under a light for a few seconds to make it work.

I was also very impressed with their durability. These both lasted as long as the average traditional polish. When I used glitter nail polish over the tips of my nails while using this, it lasted several days!

The only bummer is that because of the glow pigment, they’re not suitable for stamping with, but stamping on it is no problem. Water marbling didn’t work either.

If you’re going to a party, and you want glowing nails, this is the brand you want to use.

5 glow stars


Sinful Colors Glow in the Dark Top Coat Polish

The only sin here was me wasting money on this loser polish. Like the Sally Girl polish, it went on shiny, but even after four coats, it just didn’t glow very much.

One Glow Star


The Serum No.5 polishes are definitely the winners of this bunch. They were by far the easiest glow in the dark polishes I’ve ever worked with. They were worth every penny. I do believe I will stock up on these and give up on the top coat style polishes!  



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