T-Shirt Tuesday Free 4 All and Villian Tees!

T-Shirt Maven | October 07 2014

Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday, where gamers share their awesome geek/gamer themed t-shirts!


This week's theme is free 4 all and villian tees for Poptoberfest!


In from Arkangel318:

Arkangel318: "This T-shirt is sooo old, but I still love it. It even glows in the dark! smile"


This villianous tee came in from MrsNinjaMaster:

MrsNinjaMaster: "The Original Badgirls. Got this at Six Flags."


Thanks, ladies!!

Next Week's Theme:  Poptoberfest!  Fav Pet Costumes!!



Be sure to check out our pinterest board to see all previous T-shirt Tuesday submissions and to see/add t-shirts that you might not own, but want to buy!

Want to be the next to showcase your favorite t-shirt?  Email your photo(s) with a one or two sentence profession of  t-shirt love to articles@popchix.com!



X1up Girl
X1up Girl Tue 07 Oct
Yay for glow-in-the-dark tees, Arkangel! smile And I'll be driving to MrsNinjaMaster's house REAL soon to steal that tee. #justsayin
MrsNinjaMaster Tue 07 Oct
Over my dead body X1up! ;p
Mistress Sara
Mistress Sara Tue 07 Oct
I have that same shirt Arkangel. I don't know if mine still glows in the dark though.
arkangel318 Tue 07 Oct
Oh cool! smile It ought to. Mine is OLD.

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