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Caboodles Acrylic Make Up Trays - Your Desk/Countertop/Vanity Will Thank You

DirtyDiva | October 01 2012 | Bookmark and Share
caboodles cover art
Brand: Caboodles
Product: Crystal Clear Vanity Organizers
Store: Bed Bath and Beyond
Price: $15.50
Buy It: Not available online
Official Website: Visit Now!

My poor desk was looking like a war zone with colorful explosions of cosmetics, dunnys and various dog medications and I knew it was time to do something. I wasn't sure what exactly it was that I needed other than "storage". I figured I would start with my cosmetics. I currently subscribe to three beauty sample services and as awesome as the samples are, they had no place to live aside from a growing pile on my desk. Since all of them are different shapes and sizes, the pile would often crumble and fall all over the floor. Help was needed, and fast.

My first stop was a certain well known drug store. I mean it's a place with a massive aisle full of cosmetics - they had to have something, right? After settling on something that would do the job but would look more at home on a pre-teen's barbie vanity, I made my way to the cashier. Her less than stellar attitude made my decision for me. Screw the box. It was ugly, anyway. I could do better.

Bed Bath and Beyond was my next stop. Again, I made my way to the cosmetic aisle and there were those same horrid boxes. However, right above them was a collection of clear, acrylic trays. I took one down and looked. It was called the "Objects of Desire" tray and it was made by Caboodles. This looked *perfect*.

The tray is about 15" x 8" and stands 3" tall at the highest point. It has 8 total compartments. It's absolutely perfect for a variety of cosmetic goodies. There are taller, thinner compartments in the back that are ideal for things like brushes and bags or wipes while larger compartments at the front easily hold your foundations, eye shadows, blush, creams, etc. and nail polishes. The pretty website photo below gives you an idea of what it the layout is like but as with most 'for show' things, unless you're using it as a piece of art for pretty pictures, yours won't look like that. You can see my real-world photos underneath.

Desire Art
Caboodles Desire Tray

Caboodles Desire Tray

Honestly, for under $20, you can't go wrong with this. It really did help me save my desk. Unfortunately, I filled up the large tray pretty quickly so I trekked back to BB&B to pick up another. However, I saw a different one with an alternate layout. It's called the "Two-Tower Tray" and as the title suggests, this one has two taller compartments in the back. It also has 6 lipstick sized compartments between the towers, 3 more medium sized ones and a skinny one in the front. This was just what I needed. I scooped it up, brought it home and dumped my remaining samples in it. This tray is approx. 10.5" x 7" x 3.1" and cost approx. $11.

Caboodles Two Tower Tray

Caboodles Two Tower Tray

Caboodles Two Tower Tray

Something else to mention is that both trays come with small handles on each side making them easy to pick up and carry around.

Now to find a good way to display my Dunnys so they stop staring at me angrily under my monitor...



Wow! Talk about being organized now. grin
Thanks for sharing real pics! I definitely need to get a Caboodle now.
By CalacaBellaTrix on 2012 10 01
NEED! Thank you so much for sharing
By Melanopterus on 2012 10 01
I SOOOO need this! Thank you!
By SickNdehed on 2012 10 03

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