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Are Standard Presents Nacho Thing?  Then Check Out These Taco-rific Gifts!

X1up Girl | May 05 2014 | Bookmark and Share
Taco Gifts

Are you a taco-holic? Do you eat ALL the tacos?  Is everyday Taco day for you?  If you answered YES! to any of these, then you NEED these awesome taco themed gifts!

Taco Hair Clips - $6 from LittleDollysShop at Etsy

ZOMG, how could you not LOVE these little moustached cuties??  These handmade hair clips are embroidered felt appliques that scream "I <3 Tacos!"


Decorative Taco Pillows - $16 from Mymimi at Etsy

This adorable "Señor Taco" design is perfect for a kid's room, although we totally won't judge any adults who absolutely can't live without these!


The Taco Purse - $45 from KermitsDaughter at Etsy

YES!  This is an actual, functional purse.  It's custom made with a fleece shell and zipper closure, and is an excellent place to store all those taco sauce packets you just snatched during your lunch break. 


My Disney Princess Name T-Shirt - $14.99 from BadGraceApparel at Etsy

Who WOULDN'T want to be the PRINCESS of TACOS?!?!?  With this t-shirt, the whole world can acknowledge your sovereignty. Let them eat nachos.



I had Tacos today and yesterday. DON'T JUDGE ME!! I want tacos tomorrow too maybe.
By Purplepooki on 2014 05 05
Yes, tacos every day!!!
By Zaythar on 2014 05 07
Awwww those hair pins are super CUTE!!!!
By Fifiville on 2014 05 08

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