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Posted: 16 September 2009 10:55 PM  
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What Do We Ask of ChiX?

The Manifesta
• Chix don't talk trash about other women. Ever. When women stop hating on each other…we will rule the world!
• Chix are good role models for young girls.
• Chix are not pin-ups. We're all hot in our own unique way, but it's about the companionship, not T&A.

If you play games, you're a gamer chick. Whether you're an Xbox Halo 2 champ, play RPGs on the PC, or Mah Jong Tiles on MSN Games, you're a gamerchix.
• You can be a member of any clan or group, but while you're part of GamerchiX, you don't talk trash about other gamers. Period.

Popchix encourages women to speak up and share their opinions and ideas on a variety of topics in a supportive atmosphere.
• Be respectful when sharing your opinion so the same respect is shown back to you.
• Popchix is an enforced Drama-free zone. Don’t start it, don’t feed it.

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