I’m Back?
Posted: 20 December 2016 09:04 PM   [ Ignore ]
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Hello! I
Big Mouth! 100 Forum Posts, Baby!
I blabbed my opinion on an article!
Popped my article writing cherry
I voted in the 2013 PopChiX Awards!
Shhhh I caught a unicorn!
RAWR! I submitted an article in Feb 2014.
Submitted an article during St. Paddy
MMmmm Crunchy Chicken! April Fools 2014
I can't remember how long it's been since I was last here so I felt I should perhaps do another intro post. I hope everyone is well, I've been busy and had some highs and lows mentally which is why I have been absent. Was on TA and looking at the PopChix leaderboard and thought "damn it's been too long"


‹‹ Hi again!