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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
ChiX of the Month
She's a gaming gypsy who enjoys clogging, blogging, and creating fantasy world recipes!
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  • Borderlands Pre-Sequel Teaser
    Handsome Jack IS The Danger In This Must See Borderlands Pre-Sequel Teaser Trailer!

    What do we love more than Borderlands and Breaking Bad?  How about a teaser trailer for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel where Handsome Jack reads Ozymandias like Walter White in Breaking Bad?  Tread lightly and check out this awesome footage from my recent trip to PAX East! 

  • Pigz cover photo
    Pigz - Flappy Pigz to Drive You Bonkers

    What a flap there was about some bird that people loved to hate. Even though that bird has been cooked, Android users can still enjoy similar joy from a little game called "Pigz".

    These are no standard porky fritters, though - They have wings and they know how to flap them. Actually, they


  • Mass Effect 3 Review
    Mass Effect Trilogy Review Part Three: Reflections On Mass Effect 3

    *Spoiler alert* This article contains a few spoilers, but I tried to include as little as possible. smile

    If ME2 was darker and more urgent than the first, then ME3 is a pitch-black rollercoaster ride! We begin on Earth, where Shepard is, lets say, on “forced vacation”. Until she is summoned to


  • Confessions of a Game Hoarder
    Gamer Problems:  Are You A Game Hoarder?

    I'm a game hoarder!  I'm one of those people who sees a game trailer or sees a friend playing a game, then I want it and I go out to buy it. I know full well before buying it I won't get chance to have a full session playing on it (I usually have an hour here or there), but that never stops me. I


  • Mass Effect 2 Revisted
    Mass Effect Trilogy Review Part Two: A Look At Mass Effect 2

    *Spoiler alert* This article contains a few slight spoilers if you haven’t played ME1 and the start of ME2.

    Mass Effect 2 (ME2)  has a different feel to it the first game. It's darker and more urgent. The game starts with a one heck of a twist, the death of our heroic protagonist,


  • Goat Simulator Review
    Goat Simulator - It’s Goat A Lot Of Promise!

    Goat Simulator is a fast paced third person experience!  Your goat begins performing tricks much as one would do in a similar game with a skateboard or bicycle. There is the added fun optional carnage or as I like to call 'rampage'.

    Players are continuously issued challenges in a free


  • Mass Effect Review
    Mass Effect Trilogy Review Part One: A Look At Mass Effect

    To sum up the Mass Effect trilogy in one word: Epic!  It is a series that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, taking the gamer on an epic journey through every emotion from heartache to hilarity with great storylines and amazing characters. It is a series that can suck you in, so you


  • Titanfall Review
    Titanfall For Xbox One Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

    Titanfall is a multiplayer based only game and has released on the Xbox One and the PC. It releases April 8th for the Xbox 360. This review is for the Xbox One version.


    Titanfall, once you get through the huge update and install, starts off with a cinematic showcasing humankind’s adventures


  • No Zombies Allowed Review
    No Zombies Allowed!

    IF you’re like me and like killing time or avoiding housework by playing fun and easy games on your phone/tablet or phablet, then I’ve got a game for you!

    This is a side scrolling, tap to shoot game with a simple objective, keep the zombies out of your growing town. Much like the Governor on


  • Socialize Your Gaming With Tabletop Games
    Socialize Your Gaming with Tabletop Games

    Online multiplayer gaming and single-player campaigns are great, but it usually removes the social element of gaming side-by-side with friends and family.    What once was a communal hobby starting in arcades, where friends could gather to play and challenge each other’s high scores has become an


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