My Top Five Favorite Video Game Characters That Deserve A Game Sequel

X1up Girl | November 05 2014

Some say sequels are evil, that they never live up to the original.  This is true at times, but not always.  Some games I love so much that I really would be willing to play any sequel, good or bad.  Here's my top 5 video game characters that I wish would get a sequel but I know they probably never will.


#5:  DmC's Dante

I never played a Devil May Cry game other than playing DmC.  The other games in the series have never seemed interesting enough for me to even try, although the fans will say they are ZOMG good.  I don't doubt it...people like different things.  I like the new Dante.  The old Dante seems a little off  to me, so the concept of an origin story with a younger reboot version caught my interest.  DmC got a lot of hate, and frat boy Dante seemed to annoy a lot of people.  But the game was fun and the environments were so visually insane and interesting. Was it a little over the top at times? Oh yeah, definitely.  But after playing, I honestly couldn't wait to throw my money down on the next game...except DmC didn't do well financially.  Capcom announced Devil May Cry 5 but it will be the original Dante, not the DmC version.  Fans rejoiced, but I didn't.  :(


#4 and #3:  Archer and Kestrel

These are the co-op Splinter Cells from Splinter Cell Conviction. Oh, I blew SOOOO many hours playing co-op with these guys.  They are my fav - I loved the BA cut scene between game loads too.  My kids used to laugh at Kestrel, claiming he had "woman" eyebrows (eh, they were in middle school at the time and I corrected them that wasn't really appropriate) and my friends liked Archer more with the mask on than off..yikes.  When sneak peaks of Splinter Cell Blacklist released, A&K were spotted and I had high hopes they would return.

Alas, they did not. :(  Much mourning was had and I never fell in love with Splinter Cell Blacklist like I did with Splinter Cell Conviction. Considering how SCC ended, A&K will probably never get another game but I would totally buy it if they did.


#2:  The Prince

Prince of Persia (2008) was a reboot of the Prince of Persia franchise and who the heck knows what those are about. Well, at least I don't. I just know this prince was more of an adventurer than royalty.  I picked up this game and totally fell in love with it.  I love Elika (sassy, smart and she saved me sooooo much) and I love how she and the Prince interacted.  I will admit I played the Prince in an Altair costume the whole game because I'm such an AC fan.  But I loved the story, playing all the way to the end and wanting more.  I skipped the DLC because I heard it was disappointing (not really taking the story in the direction I expected it to go), but I really wanted to see the next level of this story.  I've been waiting since 2008, and I'm afraid that day will never come. :(


#1:  The Courier

OOOOOHHHHH like you didn't see this one coming.  I love Fallout New Vegas and that is no secret.  But the courier was such the underdog in this game, getting roped into a bigger story than just simple revenge.  I loved the complexity with the factions, the crafting, and how you could get to know your followers (Skyrim followers seemed so empty and disposable in comparison). This game got a lot of hate because it wasn't Fallout 3.  It was buggy, but so was Fallout 3 and Skyrim.  I'm not here to defend a game developed on a tweaked, pre-existing game engine but for me, the story of the courier and all of his/her followers deserves more light.  The courier doesn't have to stay in New Vegas, but I would love to see what Obsidian would come up with next.





akashaheart Sun 09 Nov
hmm ill have to think on this

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