PopChiX Guardians And Our Weekly Destiny Roundup!

X1up Girl | September 22 2014

Destiny has finally arrived and we've been loving it!  We asked for videos and submissions from our members regarding their Destiny activities, and wow did we get an awesome response!  Check it out!

xSHADOWx was having feeling the pains of digital purchasing.

"For goodness sake let me play the game!!!!"


And FROST Eagle shared her first Loot find:


AND we have an official clan page up at Bungie now:  PopChiX Guardians!  Don't forget to sign up!!


Last, but not least...ZOMG did we get our dance on or what??

Big thanks to everyone that submitted!!



xSHADOWx Mon 22 Sep
It wasn't digital purchasing the ps4 forced me to install the game
Littles813 Mon 29 Sep
having fun with this game. totally worth buying the 360 digital version & getting the X1 version for free... wink

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