Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers: Review of Meow Meow Star Acres

xSHADOWx | November 14 2014

This is a child friendly game which can be downloaded on PC, iPads and tablets for free. My mum recommended this game to me as she and my daughter play it together.

The game is very easily played and perfect for children. The idea of the game is to grow vegetables and wheat which can then be used to cook foods which you sell at your shop. You need to level up to be able to unlock new cooking machinery and more recipes. You have little cat workers who do all the dirty work to earn you money to be able to buy the unlocked machinery, fields, fruit trees and decorative items. The themes change through out the year so at Halloween you can buy Halloween items and Christmas you can buy Christmas decorative items.

Meow Meow is a fun game for adults too; it's all I've played this week. I'm currently level 49 and the cost of machines are in the millions, meaning I spend a lot of time cooking and selling. Its time consuming but your'e having fun at the same time...well, until your daughter decider to play and spends all your money on benches and flowers *sigh*

You can also visit other player's farms and get some ideas, and see what their farm looks like.

It's a great little game and I recommend it to anyone with small children who are looking to include them in games.



X1up Girl
X1up Girl Fri 14 Nov
This game looks super cute! Thanks for the head's up!
akashaheart Fri 14 Nov
too cute
xSHADOWx Fri 14 Nov
Its super addictive

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Meow Meow Star Acres
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