To All Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans:  Happy Destiny Eve!

X1up Girl | September 08 2014

It's been such a long wait since the end of the beta, but in a few short hours titans, warlocks, and hunters will rejoice with the release of Destiny!  

We want to know YOUR Destiny plans!  Are you planning a pre-release game party? Are you going to midnight release?  Do you have it pre-loaded and just counting down for a full night of gaming?  Tell us in the comments below!

Also, send in your Destiny pics/videos/selfies to to be included in a Destiny post-party later this week!



xSHADOWx Mon 08 Sep
I wont be picking it up until the weekend, unfortunately. So Yeh I'm going to be late to the party. But that's OK I'll be fashionably late
Eagle Warhawk
Eagle Warhawk Mon 08 Sep
Midnight Launch!!! Hopefully it won't be raining.
Fyremelon Mon 08 Sep
I bought the digital preorder for the 360 from GameStop. Alas, according to the site, the download won't be available until 12pm CST tomorrow. But it's okay with me since I'll be busy till the early evening. So my plan is to play all night tomorrow!
Littles813 Wed 10 Sep
totally glad i bought the digital copy! saved me from spending $60 for the X1 version
tHeKaTcAn Fri 12 Sep
Hunter or Warlock hard to pick.
Littles813 Fri 12 Sep
good thing you can make 3 characters!!! Ive created a Warlock & a Hunter so far... better still that it crosses over between the 360 & X1 so I don't have to recreate 1 for each system... bonus!!!
tHeKaTcAn Fri 12 Sep
oohhhh this is good for when I get the X1. So far Hunter 11 will work on Warlock this weekend. Need to improve multilayer skills.
Littles813 Fri 12 Sep
i purchased the digital copy, not sure if that made a difference.
buy 360 digitual, get X1 digital free
Valkimi Fri 17 Oct
Well it's not the eve anymore but I'll come out of the shadows like Xur and comment.

I've gotten and have been playing the game like mad on 360.. I'd had friends that I'd been planing to play it with... but then alll went and got the PS4 destiny bundle.. and for lack of a better politer word ditched me lol.

So I've got a lvl 26 Voidwalker warlock who I've been enjoying the most and a lvl 21 hunter who is a bit neglected heh.

not sure if those on 360 can play with those on Xone but anyone, from popchix/gamerchix is welcome to add me just jump to my profile, my Xbox tag is there.

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