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Gears Judgement: New Ad Hits Primetime

DirtyDiva | March 04 2013 | Bookmark and Share
Gears of War Cover Art
What: Gears of War: Judgement
Published By: Microsoft Games Studios
Developed By: Epic
Release Date: March 19
Platform/s: Xbox 360
Price: $59.99
Parental Rating:

Last night, Xbox Live played host to a live celebration of the upcoming Gears of War Judgement release. If you missed it, you can watch it from the dashboard as a VOD offering. Also, they premiered the brand new ad campaign for the game on national TV.

Early commenting has been somewhat negative about the ad. While going for that "real people, real world" style that Call of Duty did so well, it appears they may have missed the mark slightly. What do you think?




X1up Girl
When you refer to the "real people, real world" style, is that the Black Ops II commercial with the fighter jet and Robert Downey Jr? Because that has got to be my most favorite game commercial ever - I actually bought the game because the commercial was so epic and I'm glad I did - the game was totally worth it. Or did I totally miss the boat?

As for this one, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I get the punchline for the first guy is "sick days left: 0" and the guy who named his dog "boss," but the woman who won 92 overrun matches has a punchline that it was against her boyfriend's team? I want to think they are taking female gamers seriously, and what they are trying to make "humorous" here is that the bf keeps trying to win but still can't after a ridiculous number of rematches. But also in my mind I have to ask: would this be equally funny if this was a guy who won 92 matches against her GF's team? Why can't the female gamer get a punchline that she named her dog boss or used all her sick leave? Why does she have to be associated with her gamer boyfriend? Or maybe I'm just looking too much into it - but it just didn't sit right with me, mainly because ALL the gear heads I know are female and I can easily see them annihilating another team so it's not really a punchline to me.
By X1up Girl on 2013 03 04
HAHA Yes, I was talking about the RDJ commercial. :D

I didn't think about the girl's achievements that much, honestly. But I think it's because I just glossed over the ad in general.

Black Ops II's ad made use of the game throughout. This one didn't. Granted, it may have looked like a carbon copy if they had used it with "real people" but as it was, it just felt "meh". It wasn't captivating at all.
By DirtyDiva on 2013 03 04
X1up Girl
Eh..think I'm looking too much into the ad LOL. But I definitely agree...the ad is underwhelming and forgettable.
By X1up Girl on 2013 03 04
Just watched it...twice...and all I could think was "Wow, I am beginning to think the Gears series is finally going to fail" I hope that isn't the case but I think the commercial is definitely meh. Does not make me want to buy the game, but as a huge fan of the series I already have mine preordered, just hoping it is better than the commercial. We saw what- 1 or 2 seconds of game play? I'm not willing to give up on my favorite series yet, some of the gameplay footage I have seen looked like it will be fun.

As for the part with the girl gamer it didn't phase me one way or the other. I didn't think about it to be honest.
By INCANTATI0N on 2013 03 05
Just watched it again, I guess it is disappointing to me because when I see a commercial for a game I expect to see some gameplay or something IN THE GAME that makes me want to buy it.

But I suppose like Halo and COD perhaps they feel people know the series already and they don't need to market the gameplay they just need to market that there is a new one coming out.

I don't know really - but I do know in 2 weeks I will be finding out smile Still can't wait!
By INCANTATI0N on 2013 03 05

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