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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
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GET LOOT!  Loot Crate review - the Good, the Bad, and the Geeky

X1up Girl | May 09 2013 | Bookmark and Share
Lootcrate main image
What: Loot Crate
Price: $13.37 per month + $6 S&H
Our Score:

While I was sitting around waiting for someone to post pics of all their oh-so-sweet PAX East 2013 swag *cough* you KNOW who you are *cough*, I figured I’d share about a popular monthly subscription box service that hordes of gamers and geeks are talking about lately:  Loot Crate!



THE GOOD:  Loot Crate is like getting a box of awesomesauce in your mailbox each month. For around $19 a box (includes shipping), you will get around 6 geek and gamer items that match a specific monthly theme. Typically, one of those items will be one higher-valued item like a t-shirt and the rest will be middle to lower priced novelties like toys, candy, stickers, bracelets, etc. 

Loot Crate subscriptions come in 1 month, 3 month, and 6 month varieties, and gift subscriptions are available.  Missed a month?  Occasionally overstock boxes and merchandise are made available for purchase through their Loot Crate Gifts website , which is continuously having awesome sales. I definitely recommend subscribing to their email updates if you’re interested in Loot Crate Gifts sales.  Also, checking out their Twitter and Facebook accounts as both are very active with the latest news on upcoming box themes and ship dates. 



THE BAD: How can I possibly have anything bad to say about a monthly subscription box this amazing?  The only downside I see to Loot Crate is the lack of an online interface for people to manage their accounts.  There is no way to “sign in” and change your address, or postpone a month or see a list of what you’re already received.  Any and all transactions have to be handled either by email *** or their 24/7 phone number, (edit:removed as they no longer offer email or 24/7 phone customer service. If you need help, contact them here: loot.cr/support).  But as I mentioned previously, they are on Twitter and Facebook, and are extremely responsive on both of those accounts (what can I say - I’m an needy customer)



AND FINALLY, THE GEEKY:  Of course we can’t hype up a subscription service and not show the goods, can we?  Check out the boxes I’ve gotten so far:

The “Doctor” Loot Crate:                

  •  TARDIS Prime Shirt
  •   Mega Man Air Freshener
  •  Caffeinated Brain Bits
  •  Sharks Drink Cooler (not pictured)
  •  Bacon Lip Balm
  • Tetris Wall Heart

The “Infinity” Loot Crate (purchased from Loot Crate Gifts during a sale):

  • Master Chief T-Shirt
  • Tobuscus Slap Bracelet
  • Pwn Energy Gum for Gamers
  • Puzzle Cube keychain with a solutions guide
  • Epic Geek & Gamer Stickers
  • Minecraft Stickers

The “Cosmos” Loot Crate:

  • Funko Pop Star Wars collectible bobble head ( random draw of either  Boba Fett, C-3PO, Yoda or Darth Vader)
  • Hexbug Nano Robot
  • Loot Crate “konami code” bracelet
  • 2 Collectible Star Wars Comic Postcards
  • Live Long and Prosper Button
  • Dead Space wall sticker

And my latest “Token” Loot Crate:

  • Street Fighter Mini Series Blind Box
  • Street Fighter Enamel Keychain Blind Bag
  • 8BZ Arcade Token
  • Retro Game Candy
  • Collectible Mushroom Kingdom Racing Cinch Pack
  • Space Invaders Candy with Collectible Tin

Overall, this service has been a lot of fun.  While I don’t always get something I want (like the Street Fighter stuff - I REALLY wanted Chun-Li and got some Blue guy), it’s always a fun experience getting a Loot Crate box in the mail to see what surprises it contains in side.  I rate this service 5 Chun-Li’s:



Love the review - and have to agree 5 Chun-Li's on how awesome Loot Crate is!! thanx for sharing the other boxes too!
By theHeFiNaToR on 2013 05 09
By MrsNinjaMaster on 2013 05 09
Pretty cool swag! I have that Mega Man air freshener in my car right now. I like the smell of it, but it doesn't smell like I would imagine a robot would.
By arkangel318 on 2013 05 10
I can't wait to get my first one this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <- overuse of exclamation points so you can read my excitement of course...!
By Fifiville on 2013 05 12
Niiiice. Oh man, I really want this service but it's not in the EU yet and they don't allow posting to the US with an EU billing address.. Gah.. Someday *waves fist* .. Jello.
By frillysocks on 2013 05 13
I love mine! It is so much fun getting a "surprise" geek package every month. Thanks for letting others know about this awesome service.
By Zaythar on 2013 05 18
Deadsy Doll
My friend was telling me about this service last week. She's thinking about signing up. For me, I'm very picky about my geek collection. I don't have a whole lot of room for displaying anything and storing the stuff defeats the purpose. It would have to REALLY scream to me. So far, for the boxes I really only like one or two things from each shown. I'm REALLY glad you posted what you got, though! I will send my friend to this article to show her examples of what she could get. smile
By Deadsy Doll on 2013 05 20

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