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Slurpee Cups I May Actually Want - Kratos Fury

DirtyDiva | January 29 2010 | Bookmark and Share
What: God of War III Slurpees
Release Date: February 1st - March 31st,
Platform/s: Your Mouth | Playstation 3

Kids and adult kids everywhere will scream for this new collaboration between 7-Eleven, Mountain Dew and SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America). What is it, you ask? Why it's a pure, unadulterated sugar rush in one of four of the coolest collectible cups I've seen to date. During February and March, you can stop by your local participating 7-Eleven and pick up your Kratos inspired Slurpee in one of said cups with his image plastered all over it. I can't imagine what the special Kratos flavor tastes like. Hmm maybe I should just stop there...

Also, keep those cups around for the codes. Evan Brody from Slurpee and Big Gulp Brands mentions some sweet downloadable content that you can redeem them for.

"...collect Slurpee Nation rewards codes that can be redeemed at Slurpee.com for exclusive God of War III and Slurpee-themed downloadable content." - via Playstation Blog

Also, it looks like if you buy a 2 Liter or 20oz bottle of Mountain Dew, you can redeem the codes for hoodies and virtual t-shirts for Home.

Oh Kratos, you sexy manbeast... I can't wait to taste your slurpee. o.O




Very good excuse to buy slurpees every week!
By formidable on 2010 02 10
lol that's funny i have the halo3 cup and there incredible hulk one too! i would not mind getting those!
By DIVAxREAPERx on 2010 05 12

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