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Wednesday, April 17, 2013
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Sony’s Big “Reveal” - Say Hello to the Shiny, New Playstation 4!

DirtyDiva | February 21 2013 | Bookmark and Share
SCEA logo
What: Sony's Playstation 4
Release Date: Holiday 2013

Last night, ladies and gentlemen all over the world were invited to share in the beauty of the Playstation 4. Many were expecting the news at some point but few thought it would come so early. Many wondered why on earth Sony would announce now rather than at E3 and others were just mesmerized by the many differing accents and bright lights. But one thing is for sure.

This "meeting" would be talked about.

Many developers took to the stage to show their beautiful new games that would run on Sony's newest addition to the Playstation family and we were introduced to the new controller. As well as a peek at the new Kinect-like device called the "Eye" that will accompany the console.

We learned that the new controller will not only have all the buttons we currently know and love but will have the addition of a touch pad and a "share" button. Because, you know, we can't function without Ustream, facebook and twitter in this day and age. In all honesty, I do think it's a cool idea to be able to press a simple button to send gameplay footage straight to Ustream. I'm eager to see how well it functions.

As well as the peripherals coming with the console, Sony announced the "second screen" capability that can turn your PS Vita, Android, iPhone or iPad into a second screen with a downloadable app. This will allow you to use your smart phone to do things like view maps while you keep the main screen for action. You will also be able to buy games from any location and download it remotely.

Two new alliances were also announced. Blizzard came with the news that Diablo 3 would be coming to the new console anf that Bungie is thrilled to have Playstation fans step into their universe for the first time with Destiny.

Some games were cute, some were gory. Some had a bleak view of the future, while some wanted to tap into our creativity. Sadly, with open creativity comes the notion that immature people will find ways to use these games to further their penis making abilities.

My personal favorites from the show and tell were:

Watchdogs - Ubisoft's big-brother game where information is everything. This seemed to be one of the only games with actual game play being shown. Was it mind blowing? Not really, but the idea was new and cool and seemed like a modern day Assassin's Creed. Think if Desmond grew out of his whiny early 20s stage and had a whole game to himself.

Drive Club - Now, I suck at driving games but the thought of being in a driving clan does sound pretty cool. And to have the challenges revolve around team participation as well as skill seems wonderful. Again, let's see how it actually works but it's an exciting concept. The car graphics were painstakingly accurate and quite beautiful. As was explained, they took every detail into account including things like the rainbow effect the light throws across headlight covers.

Here's a listing of all the games shown:

Driveclub (WWS Evolution Studios)
inFAMOUS Second Son (WWS Sucker Punch Productions)
Killzone: Shadow Fall (WWS Guerrilla Games)
Knack (WWS Japan Studio)
Deep Down (working title) (CAPCOM)
Destiny (Activision Publishing, Inc./ Bungie, Inc.)
Diablo III (Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.)
The Witness (Jonathan Blow)
Watch_Dogs (Ubisoft Entertainment)

Oh right - I should probably show a pic of the new console right? Here you go:

Yes, absolutely brilliant. For two hours, Sony talked... and talked... and talked about how great the system is. All of the new sharing, the new games, the new rendering, the new developer goodies. But what? Yeah. No console and no price. Hype machine engage. Roll on E3.

Here's a real video of Watch Dogs for you to enjoy: Skip to 3:33 for the good stuff.


Oh, and did I mention the sad lack of women on the stage? Again? Yeah... Maybe all of them saw what was going to be presented and ran away screaming? Well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.



Ha! Love the 'Rick Roll' PS4 skin. wink

The Playstation 4 social and video sharing features definitely caught my interest. Also, as someone who played Everquest Online Adventures on the Playstation 2 (my first MMORPG experience), a co-op version of Diablo 3 for the PS4 has me pretty excited. They said they'll have it at PAX East so I'm planning to demo it to see if I like it as much as I hope to. They built the game on the PS3 so I'm assuming that is what they will demo it with.
By jessageek on 2013 02 21
Oh - And Watchdogs also had me interested. Funny that you likened it to Assassin's Creed. A couple of times it had me thinking it might be like Grand Theft Auto -- but in this case Grand Identity Theft. wink
By jessageek on 2013 02 21
So far I have sadly not been impressed with the first two next gen consoles. The Wii U mainly seems to add HD graphics and a new controller to an existing system and the PS4 really hasn't revealed much. If Microsoft to fails to impress I will just be upgrading my computer. On the plus side, Sony president did just make an announcement that the system itself will play used games meaning it is up to the dev to put security measures into the games (e.g. Suck U ROM) that would prevent people from buying and playing used
By deestar123 on 2013 02 21
My guess is that they announced it now to get the jump on Microsoft, the last one out is the last one bought. They want to beat the next gen xbox, get people excited about the PS4 and ready to get one before we hear about the next xbox and have a chance to get excited about it.

As for being able to play used games that just means that if the next gen xbox does have a feature that makes it so you can't they will be signing their own death certificate. I love my xbox but would roll over to PS4 if that were the case. But I think we will probably just see a lot more of EA's way of doing it - buy the game new and you get free stuff (dlc out of the box, online pass, etc) buy it used and you have to pay for it so they are still getting their money from it.

But I noticed also they didn't really tell us much, I think they are keeping a lot of info in the dark they just wanted to get the word out to start getting people excited - telling us just enough to keep us wondering but enough to get us excited and looking forward to the next gen. Again, trying to beat Microsoft to the punch.

Anyone hear if it is going to be backward compatible?

My biggest concern at this point is that it is a race and they are going to put out a product with problems. Anyone remember the red ring of death?
By INCANTATI0N on 2013 02 21
Yes, that's exactly what this was - a pre-MS hype machine. PS4 had to go first this time.

And do I remember red rings? UGHHHHH I had to get one repaired but my other launch system is still chugging along.

I agree that banning used games would be the kiss of death. In theory, how would they know if one family was using a single copy? If they tie it to an account, everyone would be screwed. If they tie it to a machine, that would just suck since I play in the living room and bedroom.

I have always been a "get a console on launch because I'm a fangirl" buyer but I don't know this time. More people had disposable income last time around. This time, $600 actually means something to many and the current generation is still perfectly fine in my eyes. I think it's going to be a much harder sell.
By DirtyDiva on 2013 02 22
They didnt actually show us a new console? ( from what ive been reading, i was in the land of nod when the announcment was made) so how do we even know there is a ps4 and not just some new funky gadgets..... it could just be a ploy for xbox to show there new console first so sony know what to work with
By xSHADOWx on 2013 02 23

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