Puzzlejuice for iOS App Review
Are you good at Tetris? Do you like board games like Boggle? Are you good at multitasking? Then I have a great app for you; Puzzlejuice! Puzzlejuice is a Tetris/Boggle hybrid. You start off by making solid unbroken rows of blocks that for the most... read more ...
iOS: The Good, The Bad And The WTF? The Timberman Review
Feel like something's missing when you put on that plaid shirt? Ever feel the need to chop down a tree?  Find the graphics of current mobile games too flashy? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have the game for you! &nbs... read more ...
343i Teases The Halo Channel on Xbox One
Remember the time there was a Halo Waypoint? Remember what it could have been? Well, the folks at 343i have been feverishly working to update that dream and have just released a teaser of the new Halo Channel on Xbox One. This channel appears to be ... read more ...
Afterfall Insanity: Cheap Fallout Ripoff or Decent Post Apocalyptic RPG?
Recently I have been attempting to play through my backlog of more than 200 Steam games garnered from a variety of Steam seasonal sales and Humble Bundles. Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition is one of those many, many, many games. Afterfall Insanity... read more ...
Vault Dwellers, Rejoice! Bethesda Releases Fallout Classics Back To Steam
On 31 December 2013, Good Old Games (GOG) announced the removal of classic Fallout games from their catalog due to publishing issues and shortly thereafter, all online distributors of these games followed suit.  Thankfully, these games are now b... read more ...
Watch Dogs Limited Edition Unboxing
I love collector editions of games, but I rarely buy them unless it's a year or so down the road and that's IF I run across an amazing deal. And I never, ever open them (if they're new and sealed that is) because their value will instantl... read more ...
E3 Day One Trailers: Climb and Run
Assassin's Creed Unity   Mirror's Edge   Tomb Raider   Uncharted 4: A Thief's End   Batman: Arkham Knight   Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham read more ...
E3 Day One Trailers: Shoot Things
This E3 has started off with a bang. Instead of spewing about living room hubs and sports packages, Phil Spencer took the stage to thank the fans and the developers for making great games. He then showed them. All of them. SO MANY GAMES!   Hal... read more ...
A Review Of The Virtual Reality 3D Gaming Headset, The Oculus Rift
I know only a couple of chix have been lucky enough to get their mits on one of these and I have to say that I am one of them. Last year I was working for a company that invested some money into the prototype and now as I am able to write a bit of a... read more ...
T Is For Titanfall 360 (A Review From A Halo Player’s Point Of View)
I’ve only ever played the first Call of Duty - for the original Xbox, but obviously it has influenced Halo, so the different style of FPS isn’t lost on me, not to mention I love mechs (who doesn’t?) and its super great to have a gam... read more ...
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