Handsome Jack IS The Danger In This Must See Borderlands Pre-Sequel Teaser Trailer!
What do we love more than Borderlands and Breaking Bad?  How about a teaser trailer for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel where Handsome Jack reads[...] read more ...
Pigz - Flappy Pigz to Drive You Bonkers
What a flap there was about some bird that people loved to hate. Even though that bird has been cooked, Android users can still enjoy similar joy[...] read more ...
Mass Effect Trilogy Review Part Three: Reflections On Mass Effect 3
*Spoiler alert* This article contains a few spoilers, but I tried to include as little as possible. If ME2 was darker and more urgent than[...] read more ...
Gamer Problems:  Are You A Game Hoarder?
I'm a game hoarder!  I'm one of those people who sees a game trailer or sees a friend playing a game, then I want it and I go out to[...] read more ...
Mass Effect Trilogy Review Part Two: A Look At Mass Effect 2
*Spoiler alert* This article contains a few slight spoilers if you haven’t played ME1 and the start of ME2.   Mass Effect 2[...] read more ...
Goat Simulator - It’s Goat A Lot Of Promise!
Goat Simulator is a fast paced third person experience!  Your goat begins performing tricks much as one would do in a similar game with a[...] read more ...
Mass Effect Trilogy Review Part One: A Look At Mass Effect
To sum up the Mass Effect trilogy in one word: Epic!  It is a series that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, taking the gamer on an[...] read more ...
Titanfall For Xbox One Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
Titanfall is a multiplayer based only game and has released on the Xbox One and the PC. It releases April 8th for the Xbox 360. This review is for[...] read more ...
No Zombies Allowed!
IF you’re like me and like killing time or avoiding housework by playing fun and easy games on your phone/tablet or phablet, then I’ve[...] read more ...
Socialize Your Gaming with Tabletop Games
Online multiplayer gaming and single-player campaigns are great, but it usually removes the social element of gaming side-by-side with friends and[...] read more ...
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