Defending my Grid - One Tower at a Time
After a long meeting with the PopChiX founders on Saturday, I was convinced to download Defense Grid: The Awakening on Xbox Live Arcade. I admit, I had been holding out for Plants vs. Zombies but from the mere suggestion that I should try this game, ... read more ...
iCeTKiTtY Reminds Us to Watch for Darksiders
Due out on Dec. 31, Gamestop's Reserve bonus for Darksiders is a Horseman T-shirt and an in-game scythe called The Harvester. You play as a character named War, voiced by Liam O'Brian (voice of Gaara of Naruto, Nightcrawler of Wolverine and the X-men... read more ...
Aion vs. Warcraft
Having been addicted too World of Warcraft since the day it found its way onto our games shelf, I thought it was time for a change. That change came in the shape of Aion: The Tower of Eternity. I had played a couple of Beta weekends, and at first, I ... read more ...
Arkham Asylum - Crazy Lives Here
I finally had some time to play some games this past week and the first one I was really looking forward to was Arkham Asylum by Eidos. I remember seeing the large paintings adorning walls at E3 and the one that really caught my interest was Harley Q... read more ...
Ragdoll Blaster: My Favorite Game-On-The-Go
Cheap, numerous, and quickly accessible apps are the differentiator for the iPhone. The problem with a glut of apps is weeding through the junk. It's like rummaging the sales rack; a golden find is usually surrounded by trendy debris in the wrong siz... read more ...
Youda Sushi Chef - Sushi What?
I have always considered myself a hardcore gamer but when it came to spending my last $2 on Ramen, a $59.99 game was not really practical. Unfortunately, I was faced with this problem the first half of the year as were many of my friends. I soon axed... read more ...
Halo 3: ODST Gamestop Tour
There are times when being friends with someone who works for the development studio of your faviourite game gets you into all sorts of really cool preview events. Then there are times where preview events are just too filled with AWSOMENESS to be re... read more ...
The Saboteur - A Preview
Not only was I lucky enough to attend E3 this year, but I also got to get my grubby paws on a very early beta of Saboteur. Along with some very respected community leaders, I got to sit down with the Game Director - Trey Watkins, Lead Designer - Tom ... read more ...
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