Defending my Grid - One Tower at a Time
After a long meeting with the PopChiX founders on Saturday, I was convinced to download Defense Grid: The Awakening on Xbox Live Arcade. I admit, I[...] read more ...
iCeTKiTtY Reminds Us to Watch for Darksiders
Due out on Dec. 31, Gamestop's Reserve bonus for Darksiders is a Horseman T-shirt and an in-game scythe called The Harvester. You play as a character[...] read more ...
Aion vs. Warcraft
Having been addicted too World of Warcraft since the day it found its way onto our games shelf, I thought it was time for a change. That change came[...] read more ...
Arkham Asylum - Crazy Lives Here
I finally had some time to play some games this past week and the first one I was really looking forward to was Arkham Asylum by Eidos. I remember[...] read more ...
Ragdoll Blaster: My Favorite Game-On-The-Go
Cheap, numerous, and quickly accessible apps are the differentiator for the iPhone. The problem with a glut of apps is weeding through the junk. It's[...] read more ...
Youda Sushi Chef - Sushi What?
I have always considered myself a hardcore gamer but when it came to spending my last $2 on Ramen, a $59.99 game was not really practical.[...] read more ...
Halo 3: ODST Gamestop Tour
There are times when being friends with someone who works for the development studio of your faviourite game gets you into all sorts of really cool[...] read more ...
The Saboteur - A Preview
Not only was I lucky enough to attend E3 this year, but I also got to get my grubby paws on a very early beta of Saboteur. Along with some very[...] read more ...
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