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XGX Ladies Night
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
ChiX of the Month
She's a gaming gypsy who enjoys clogging, blogging, and creating fantasy world recipes!
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  • Holiday Candy Noms reviewed
    Awesome Easter Basket Noms or Chocolate Covered Fails? Russell Stover Eggs Reviewed!
    X1up Girl | April 17 2014

    Any time my local Walgreens starts putting out single serve holiday candy  treats, they'll usually have a sale on them.  And Russell Stover candies are always on the top of their list for a quick $0.29 novelty chocolate sale.  But it's Russell Stovers though.  It's not my first choice of a


  • Emeals Meal Planning Service Review
    Are You A Busy-saurus? Plan Your Meals The Easy Way with Emeals!
    theHeFiNaToR | April 07 2014

    Dinner plans between my husband (Caveman) and I generally start like this:

    Caveman (picking me up from bus after work): What do you want for dinner?

    Me: I dunno – pick something

    Caveman: I asked you first.

    Me: Look, I make decisions all day – YOU pick something.

    And somewhere


  • Amazon Prime: Worth the $20 Price Hike?
    Amazon Prime: Worth a $20 Price Hike?
    Cookie | April 02 2014

    Amazon.com has been one of my dearest friends for a few years now. At first I paid for shipping almost every time I placed an order. Once I started to increase my Amazon shipping and they added access to Amazon Instant Video,  I decided to take the plunge and cough over the $79 annual fee for the


  • The Fresh 20
    Easy Meal Planning With The Fresh 20
    Melanopterus | March 31 2014

    Cooking can get difficult for my husband and I. We have weird schedules and often find excuses to not cook dinner. However we found a great solution that I think everyone should know about, an online meal planning service called The Fresh 20. Each week the Fresh 20 gives you five recipes that you


  • Menu Planning With Google
    How Google Calendar Answers “What’s for Dinner?”
    jessageek | March 24 2014

    It’s Menu Plan Monday! At least that’s what we call the first day of a work/school week here at my house. I used to meal plan a year or so ago, but then life got busy and I fell out of the habit. So for a long time we just made what we felt like having for dinner or what was the quickest and


  • Review of Maggi So Tender
    A Review Of Maggi So Tender Seasoned Cooking Papers
    xSHADOWx | March 19 2014

    Ever heard of the brand Maggi?  They specialise in cooking food in a bag. You simply fill the bag with raw ingredients, sprinkle on the seasoning provided, seal the bag,  put it on a tray in the oven, and job done!  Now they have come up with a new product:  seasoned cooking papers!



  • St. Patrick's Day Dining
    St. Patrick’s Day Dining
    EnchantedDaisy | March 17 2014

    St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a religious day of feasting that celebrates the Christianization of Ireland by St. Patrick who was not born in Ireland, but was kidnapped as a child and enslaved in Ireland.  He escaped each time he was imprisoned and after escaping to a monastery, he felt moved


  • T-Shirt Tuesdays
    Hello, T-Shirt Tuesdays!
    X1up Girl | March 11 2014

    Do you have a favorite geek/gamer themed t-shirt that you love so much, you want the world to know about it?  Then welcome to T-Shirt Tuesdays!

    Once a week (pending submissions), we're going to showcase YOUR favorite t-shirts and why you love them  - all you have to do is send them in!  We're


  • Great Gifts With a Irish/Celtic Theme
    Great Gifts with an Irish/Celtic Theme
    deestar123 | March 10 2014

    With St. Patrick's Day coming up in a week or so, some might be looking for Irish or Celtic themed gifts for those celebrating a birthday in March. Since my birthday IS in March, I'm partially Irish, and I am not particularly a fan of green beer, loud pubs, the color green or parades, I try to


  • Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Krispy Oreo review
    More Limited Edition Oreo Fun - Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy
    Mistress Sara | February 18 2014

    Nabisco has done it again. They've released two new limited edition Oreo cookies - Marshmallow Crispy and Cookie Dough. Let me tell you, I may have to stock up before they are gone.

    I'll start with the Cookie Dough. At first glance in the package, the cream is about the same color as the


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