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XGX Ladies Night
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
ChiX of the Month
She's our very own scintillating playdate hostess who'd pwn Prince William in Black Ops and dreams of Oompa Loompa Gunzerkers
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  • Trying Some Science! Making My Own Color Changing Nail Polish
    Trying Some Science! Making My Own Color Changing Nail Polish
    arkangel318 | September 29 2014

    I’ve always thought color changing “mood” nail polish was neat. However, the stuff they sell at places like Claire’s isn’t that great. The polishes available from places like Etsy strike me as being awfully expensive for the risk of trying a small brand.

    Then, I came across this post from the blog


  • Asian Cookie Review
    Asian Snack Food Attack!  Cookies, Cookies, And MORE Cookies Reviewed
    X1up Girl | September 24 2014

    Hit my local Asian grocery store the other day and decided to go on a cookie marathon because COOKIES!!  These aren't necessarily new items, but cookies I hadn't tried before and figured I'd share.


    Egg Nog Cookies

    Nothing makes me want to eat a cookie more than the image of a fresh raw


  • Wild Ophelia Chocolate Review
    Arkangel318’s Wild Ophelia Chocolate Review
    arkangel318 | September 17 2014

    This brand of chocolate has been available at my local Walgreen’s for some time. I’ve always been curious about them, because of the…unique…flavors, but the price has always put me off. Then one day…

    FINALLY…they went on clearance! Still a bit pricey, but not too expensive for science!



  • Hello Kitty Snack Review
    Arkangel318’s Hello Kitty Snack Food Sampler
    arkangel318 | September 11 2014

    As this is Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, I’ve noticed quite an increase in products with her image, including snack foods. Since I know some of us here happen to like Hello Kitty, I thought I would review some of those products as a public service.


    Hello Kitty Fruit Snacks

    These were


  • App or Crapp
    September’s Theme is App or CrApp:  Send Us Your App Reviews!
    X1up Girl | September 01 2014

    Gamers gotta game, but sometimes we gotta commute to work, or sit in a waiting room or any other number of real life activities that involve us waiting in an environment far away from our consoles and pcs.  But that hasn't really stopped us from getting our game on, has it?  There is a whole world


  • Caramel Apple Oreos
    Epic Noms Or Snack-tastrophe? Caramel Apple Oreos Reviewed
    X1up Girl | August 28 2014

    Nothing makes me think of cool fall weather and fun at carnivals more than caramel apples!  So when I ran across these at my local Target, I just couldn't resist grabbing a pack!

    Overall, these cookies were interesting.  I didn't expect much...other than spitting them out after the first bite


  • Akasha's Homemade Potpourri
    Akasha’s Homemade Potpourri
    akashaheart | August 25 2014

    Do you ever have fruit in the fridge that is soggy or starting to go bad?  Don’t throw them away!  Although they might not be edible, they can still be useful for making a fragrant slow-cooker potpourri. There are many types of dried potpourri, but the low heating process of slow cooker or "shimmer


  • Cheese Grit Chips
    Snack-tastrophe 2014 - Jeff Foxworthy’s Cheddar Cheese Grit Chips Reviewed
    X1up Girl | August 22 2014

    Some days I run across something so crazy, it's actually MORE crazy if I DON'T buy it and bring it home.  Hence, my latest Wal-mart $2 snack-tastrophe purchase:  Jeff Foxworthy's Cheddar Cheese Grit Chips.

    I included a photo so you didn't think I was making this product up. 

    When I saw this in


  • Sweet and Sour Chicken
    Mistress Sara’s Sweet and Sour Chicken
    Mistress Sara | August 21 2014

    This recipe originally came from Minute Brand Instant Brown Rice. Not sure if it was off the back of a box, or in a magazine, it was given to me by my mother-in-law. All searches online do not give me this recipe (even www.minuterice.com doesn’t list this version). It’s one of the few recipes my


  • Lay's Do Us A Flavor Review
    Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Review
    X1up Girl | August 20 2014

    The Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" contest is becoming an annual event that gives consumers the opportunity to submit experimental chip ideas and to vote for the next new flavor of Lay's chips. 

    We experienced some serious flavors contenders last year with Sriracha, Cheesy Garlic Bread (winner) and


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