Mistress Sara’s Sweet and Sour Chicken
This recipe originally came from Minute Brand Instant Brown Rice. Not sure if it was off the back of a box, or in a magazine, it was given to me by my[...] read more ...
Lay’s Do Us A Flavor Review
The Lay's "Do Us A Flavor" contest is becoming an annual event that gives consumers the opportunity to submit experimental chip ideas and to vote[...] read more ...
PopChiX Summer Challenge: Yoda Pinterest Craft!
We all need more Yoda in our lives! Right?! Here is a super easy craft from our PopChiX Picks on Pinterest (link). You will need: 2 sheets[...] read more ...
August 2014 Skoshbox Review
Well ladies, my first Skoshbox is here! I have plenty of photos…I wanted to do a video…but my built in isn’t working[...] read more ...
PopChiX Summer Challenge 2014: Playstation Nails
Inspired by the PopChiX Pinterest group under Nail Art. I recently got a Playstation 4 and thought that I could celebrate with some Playstation[...] read more ...
Asian Snack Food Attack! Seafood Chips Reviewed
I hate seafood for the most part, so of course it makes TOTAL sense that I would buy a bunch of seafood flavored chips from my local asian grocery[...] read more ...
PopChiX Summer Challenge 2014: Sesame Chicken
Inspired by PopChiX pinterest group under PopChiX meal picks.  Original Recipe found here. This recipe serves 4 people. Ingredients: 1 egg[...] read more ...
PopChiX Summer Challenge 2014: Golden Squares of the Heavens Chocolate REMIX!
Ever since Fifi originally blessed us with her recipe, I’ve been meaning to try it. Seeing what others have done has inspired me to go for it,[...] read more ...
AkashaHearts’s Taco Chicken
Items needed : Taco Seasoning (either from a packet or homemade) ChickenDucks of your choice   1)  Preheat oven to 350F.[...] read more ...
Asian Snack Food Attack!  Lychee, Pineapple, and Green Tea Cakes Reviewed
Strolling down the snack section of my local asian grocery store, I came across these little packs of what looked like super fat fig newtons that[...] read more ...
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