Candy-Free Treat Ideas for Halloween

X1up Girl

Halloween is all about candy, and handing out anything else seems like more of a trick than a treat.  But there are tons of reasons to skip the candy, especially if the trick or treaters have a medical condition or food allergy that prevents them from enjoying the treats you're handing out. But have no fear -- here are some Halloween friendly alternatives to handing out candy that isn't pennies.


Novelties are just small toys or party favors. These could be a variety of things ranging from mini bottles of bubbles, mini boxes of crayons, stickers, temporary tattoos, party beads, plastic whistles, etc. I took my children to a local grocery store to trick or treat one year, and most of what they handed out were small plastic toys instead of candy.  I didn't mind because they had a blast playing with them and trading, and that memory seemed to stick with them longer than any piece of candy they ever were handed. Some other specific novelties I found interesting were these glow bead necklaces and halloween dogtags:

Glow bead necklaces (pack of 24 for $5.49)


Halloween print dog tags (dozen for $5)



Halloween Pencils

This is a treat that may appeal more to elementary aged kids than older kiddies, but Halloween pencils are da bomb.  They are festive, fun, and actually useful. They also make your schoolmates jelly, which is why these are an excellent prize incentive used by teachers.  


Individually wrapped snacks 

More and more I see stores offering individually wrapped Halloween themed snacks.  There are a good variety to choose from including chips, pretzels, popcorn balls, and even snack-size bags of microwave popcorn.  But snacks don't have to be Halloween themed to hand out.  Granola bars and goldfish crackers are also kid favorites (just be sure to have some gluten/peanut free alternatives hand like shelf-stored Jell-o pudding and gelatin cups -- just double check the labeling).


Glow Sticks

If there was ever a perfect time for glow sticks and glow stick bracelets, it's Halloween night!  Kids love glow sticks and they can be cheaply and conveniently found at most dollar stores.  If you're feeling over ambitious, combining glow sticks with balloons would be an interesting and fun hand out as well:

Do you have any other fun alternatives to Halloween candy?  Post in the comments below!


image sources: Oriental Trading, SSWWKiwi Crate, Martha Stewart


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