Count Chocula Treats Review

Mistress Sara

Halloween brings lots of seasonal ‘spooky’ treats, and General Mills is no stranger to this with their monster cereals. While at my local Meijer I spotted General Mills Count Chocula on an endcap, and noticed a much smaller box on the display. A closer look revealed the box was Count Chocula Treats, a “chocolatey cereal bar with spooky-fun marshmallows.”

I picked up a box to satisfy my curiosity. Since I was having craving for something sweet, I hoped a bar would quench that craving. It did just that. When I unwrapped the bar, it seemed small for what I paid. Around $3 for 6 bars that are 1 inch wide x 3.75 inches long and .5 inches thick. I looked at the serving size and noticed one bar as 100 calories. That explains why it was so small.

Small size aside, I could smell the chocolate when I unwrapped the bar. That wasn’t too surprising since it had a chocolate drizzle on top, and the bottom was fully coated with chocolate. I could taste the cereal, and enjoyed the familiar cereal crunch. As for the “spooky-fun marshmallows”, there were not many noticeable marshmallows in the bar itself. I think that worked to the bar’s benefit. Too many marshmallows would have made the bar too sweet to be a snack, and more of a dessert.

My husband, King Ron, tried one and wasn’t sure what to make of the bars. He described them as being a little strong, but did say “I’ll eat them.” I agree, the chocolate is a bit strong. I don’t mind that as I have a sweet tooth and rarely pass up chocolate treats.

Would I purchase these again? Maybe if the sale price was right. They tasted like the cereal I remembered. Munching on a bar with a glass of milk is a does make a nice treat. It also made me wonder what the other monster cereals would taste like if they were made into snack bars. Hmmm…  I give Count Chocula Treats a 3 out 5 star rating.


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Count Chocula Treats
Brand: General Mills

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