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I have three children. Two are teenagers now and when they were babies, nursing was total downtime; there wasn't anything you could do while nursing except watch TV, hum to yourself, or stare in wonder at the human being you made.

My third child, however, has been born into a world of gadgets and technology unimaginable the last time I brewed a beverage in my knockers. While I still spend plenty of time staring in awe, I have been pleasantly surprised at what I can do while nursing with the help of technology.

First, let me point out something that those who have never breastfed may not know: Breastfeeding is not as easy as you'd think. Sometimes you can use pillows or a brilliant invention called a Boppy (a crescent shaped pillow) to prop the baby at the booby bar and you'll have two hands free. Other times you need a hand to help keep stuff positioned properly (a ‘slippery nipple' is not just a cocktail).

For those one-handed situations... Kindle to the rescue. Not only does Amazon's godsend to bookworms allow you to read with one hand, turning pages with the push of a button, you can also shop for books and download new titles to the Kindle in about 30 seconds. Also great for nursing moms: the Kindle always saves your place in the book. Go, change a toxic waste diaper, scrape the spit-up from your shoulder, try to poop without busting your episiotomy stitches... it's all good. When it's time to feed the baby again you can pick up right where you left off.

If you can get two hands can play vidya games! I've been able to play both Xbox 360 and DS while nursing. The trick though is to stick with something you can get into and out of quickly. Xbox LIVE Arcade games are a good example.

Whenever it's time to play moo-cow, I make sure that my Kindle, DS, phone, Xbox controller and Diet Coke are within reach.




Deadsy Doll
Deadsy Doll Fri 04 Sep
Lol that sounds like me! Nursing and playing Xbox 360. Why not? The baby is resting and mommy needs her time too!

It's good to see that I am not alone in gamer mama adventures!
JeepChick Fri 04 Sep
Some of my kids first things to NOM on were Xbox controllers. smile Great Article and damn true about the breast feeding. I found that the Boppy was a miracle, and being able to click through books on my laptop made it so much easier to relax... which is a key to success!
Censored Fri 04 Sep
The kindle is something I have been looking into getting. As a kid, I read and read. Didn't matter what I it was, I read it. Then as I got older I was diagnosed with both Meares-Irlen Syndrome and Dyslexia meaning I was meant to use coloured overlays so the words no longer bled into the paper. The books slowly disappeared off of my bookshelf.

The kindle offering both larger text and a read back system is ideal. The only thing I need to know is it possible to change the colour of the bacbackground?
GamergirlSB Fri 04 Sep
Sounds right! My little one would probably throw up on a Kindle though.
HotelQueen Fri 04 Sep
Awesome, and oh-so true! If I could get the Kindle store in Canada, I would be all over that. I recently got an iPhone and it's been awesome to have while feeding my baby. I can check my email, twitter and RSS all with one hand. I've been joking for years that I'm going to strike it rich when I design the one handed keyboard for nursing mothers, but the iPhone is even better. I can even play one handed games!

1 vs 100 has been my favourite Xbox game to play with one hand, followed by Carcasonne. Arcade games are great for feeding time.
Psionic Jinx
Psionic Jinx Mon 07 Sep
Your new lil munchkin is adorable ^.^ The Boppy is a lifesaver. I'll admit though, I never thought I'd see it used for gaming lol.
Lady Eh
Lady Eh Thu 24 Sep
If these were available in Canada I'd definitely buy one!
ladyBluEyes Sun 11 Oct
Breastfeeding while you're gaming? I have to say that is pretty impressive! I've done terrible things to my remote while going for achievements. I'd be afraid to hold a newborn in those moments. However, I could definitely see myself peacefully reading on my Kindle while nursing. My breastfeeding days are over now, but it is interesting to see how technology is coming into play with everything nowadays--even nursing! smile
xSHADOWx Thu 15 Oct
i have all this to look forwards too.

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