Oreo Cookies – Limited Edition Swedish Fish Flavor Review

Mistress Sara

I will admit when I first saw a post on Facebook about these, I was thinking, “Oh great, another hoax.” Then when a relative commented that they saw them at the store, I knew I had to find them. Low and behold, I did!

When I first opened the package, I could immediately smell the ‘candy’ flavor. I thought I had just opened a bag of Swedish Fish. When I saw the bright red filling, I was secretly hoping they weren’t going to taste disgusting. I did as I usually do with a new Oreo flavor - twist a cookie open and check out the insides.

The inside looked like it could easily stain anything it touched. It figures, the cookie I opened slipped out my hand and landed cookie side up on my white counter.  Fortunately, cleaning up the slight red ring it left with a little bit of water on a paper towel was easy. And didn’t stain my white counter which was a happy bonus.

I tasted the filling separate and it wasn’t a very strong flavor. Yes, it did have a hint of the signature Swedish Fish candy flavoring. It wasn’t until I ate the filling with the cookie that the Swedish Fish candy flavor intensified. I also tried one dunked in milk, and that wasn’t bad either. I think I’ll stick with eating the cookie dry and following it up with a glass of milk.

A few family members tried them - my husband, King Ron, and my aunt both tried a cookie. King Ron wasn’t thrilled at the thought of the flavor when I showed him the Facebook post. After eating half of one he said “you can have them.” My aunt on the other hand was pleasantly surprised when I showed her the packaging and couldn’t wait to try one. She liked them and even had a couple more before going to bed.

My thoughts on these… Would I purchase these again? Probably. I like eating Swedish Fish Candies, and I love my Oreos. Putting both together, and in the way Nabisco did it to not let either flavor over power the other, was great. I do think these will either be a love them or hate them flavor. I would share them with anyone wanting to try them. Would I eat an entire pack in one sitting? No. These are definitely cookies you need to pace yourself on.

All in all, I give them a 5 out 5 star rating.


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Limited Edition Swedish Fish Flavor Oreo
Brand: Nabisco Oreo
Price: $3+

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