Snack Attack! Choco Chip Oreos Reviewed

X1up Girl

I really don't know why I do this to myself. I see a new Oreo flavor that I can't live without, and then I remember why I can...especially if it's a product that doesn't have the balls to commit to calling itself "chocolate" instead of "choco."  My latest repeat-in-history case occurred with Choco Chip Oreos, purchased from my local Wal-mart.

Oreo is doing a great job at coming out with new flavors for us to try, but is not doing a good job at making me a repeat buyer. The same is true with this latest incarnation. It was really hard to turn this cookie down because chocolate chip cookies are such a common treat here in the US. If we had an official cookie, it most likely would be chocolate chip or maybe even Oreos.  So seeing a cookie that promises to be both....well, I just had to try this.

Here is a flavor breakdown:

Creme - standard oreo creme filling flavor with a slight cocoa-ness to it. I see little dirty bits in there and they taste chocolate-like.  

Cookie - looks like a dirty cookie.  It's buttery and kind of reminds me of those cheap "chocolate chip" flower shaped cookies I used to get in day care, the ones without real chocolate chips in them but had a hole in the center and the only proper way to eat them was by sliding the cookie on your pinky finger and eating it off.

Combined flavor - Wow, much sweet. Tastes like a Golden oreo with a very, VERY slight cocoa thing going on. Did not change my life. Actually, pretty underwhelming.

Before I end this by saying "don't buy these," I did a quick ingredient comparison between these and Golden Oreos.  The #1 ingredient in Choco Chip Oreos is sugar, then flour while the opposite is true for Golden Oreos (flour, then sugar).  The rest of the ingredients match up, with the exception that Choco Chip Oreos contain palm kernel oil, cocoa and cocoa powder. I'm guessing they made some type of chocolate-flavored incarnation with those ingredients and sneezed drops of it everywhere. That's what it looked like. That's what it tasted like.


Honestly, the cookies are not nasty so I can see someone liking these...someone who is not me and does not need a true chocolate fix. My minions and SO ate the cookies I gave them when they could have easily weaponized them, so I guess that says something (like "there are no other dessert items in the house" most probably). But if I was in a "give me chocolate now or suffer my wraith" mode and I got these, I'd probably weep a bit then demand to see life's manager while I burned his house down with these cookies.

Rating:  2 out of 5 stars. A choco chip is not a chocolate chip. Edible but meh. You might like them. I didn't.


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Choco Chip Oreo
Brand: Nabisco Oreo

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